Google tumhara Naam Kya Hai – Google what is your name? (Tuesday, 12th July 2022)

Google tumhara naam kya haiWho doesn’t know Google? You must also know the name of Google. Well, whoever has an Android smartphone, all of them are using Google’s service. Whenever you buy a new smartphone, you will be asked to set up Google Account details are asked. There you can either login with your old Gmail ID or create a new Google account.

Do you know that Google knows everything related to you. You can ask him any type of question. Today people ask many types of questions to Google like Google Aapka naam kya hai Or google what is your name etc. Perhaps right now there are many people who like Google Full Form or full name of google I do not know.

google what is your name, google tumhara naam kya hai

Today in this post we Google what is your name? Google is about to answer questions related to what is your name. Today we will tell in detail about the King of the Internet, Google. Now-a-days we can get any information in few seconds with the help of Google and now Google is so powerful that it answers your questions with the help of your voice. Let us first know the answer to this question Google what is your name (Google tumhara naam kya hai)? Google Full Form kya hai And much more about Google.

Google tumhara naam kya hai | google what is your name google what is your name Google what is your name?

Google The name “Google” is an American multinational technology company known for providing its own search engine and various online facilities on the Internet. Google’s full formGlobal Organization Of Orientated Group Language Of Earth” Is.

Google’s search engine is the world’s largest search engine, in which you can search the information available on the Internet by typing any word or question. Google provides many different services to everyone on the Internet, including software, websites, cloud services, email services, search engines, video streaming websites, Android OS, and more.

Today millions of people depend on Google and run their own business through Google. Google provides the best service on the internet. Google is the world’s largest search engine and YouTube is the world’s largest video library.

YouTube is the largest video search engine viewing social media platform where you can find any information through videos and YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. YouTube is a product of Google, which bought YouTube in 2006 for ₹1.65 billion.

Google Full Form in Hindi | what is the full form of google

Google Full Form It is “Global Organization Of Orientated Group Language Of Earth”.

Hindi translation of Google’s full form Global Organization of Oriented Group Languages ​​of Earth,

Google is a search engine and the job of Google is to bring the information available on the Internet to you. Google has created a system of its own in which Google has its own bot, which you can also call robot. These bots are always online.

Who named Google? (Who named google and why)

The word Google is derived from a mathematical term Googol. This is a misspelling of the word Googol used in real life. Google was created by two Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In the decade of 1990, he was working on a search engine named Backrub. Later he realized that Backrub was the name of the worst tech company, so he needed to change the name of his search engine.

His friend, Sean, suggested the term Googolplex while looking for a new name for the search engine. This word meant “10 to the power of Googol”. Here Googol is a mathematical term appropriate for “10 to the power 100”. That is, 1 is followed by 100 zeros. When his friend Sean suggested the word Googolplex, Larry replied that he liked the shorter word Googol.

When he searched the domain for the word Googol, he came to know that the domain of the word Google is available. So he bought that domain with the word Misspelt and built the world’s largest search engine.

How does Google work? , How does Google Works

So far youGoogle tumhara naam kya haiGo answer. Let us now know how Google completes its work.

Google’s bots scan all websites on the Internet, then Google’s bots pass information from other websites to Google, and Google stores that information on its servers. Now Google has collected the information of such a large number of websites on its servers and when a person searches any word or query on Google, Google searches any information related to that word from its server and as a result Displays and contains links to other websites, including Google. Gives a rank number to all the websites and puts up a website which has good information.

Google adds many websites to its search engine every day and gives results based on the information the person has visited. Google is no god but Google shows you as much information as there is information on the Internet.

Google what’s my name? [Google से अपना नाम कैसे पूछें?]

  1. First of all open or setup Google Assistant in your mobile.
  2. After setup, say “Ok Google” in front of the phone. After this Google Assistant will be activated.
  3. Now ask “What is my name?”, After this Google Assistant will say your name. For specific information read the post given below.

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How does Google make money? (How google earns?)

The main source of revenue for Google is advertising, which you can also call Ads. Google has a separate advertising service called Google Ads In which a person runs his advertisement online through Google and that person pays to Google.

Google launched a service called Google Adsense in 2003, in which anyone can link to their YouTube channel and show Google ads on their YouTube channel and earn money.

You can also earn money by linking a website with Google Adsense and Google’s advertisement comes on the website and is paid according to certain rules.

Google Ads is the largest platform for displaying advertisements on the Internet.

In this way Google earns a lot of money by showing ads online and also provides some premium services. Google also makes money by providing premium services.

When is Google’s birthday?

Google’s birthday is celebrated every year on 27 September. On September 27, 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin together started a search engine named “Backrub”, which later became famous as Google, and since then Google’s birthday is celebrated on 27 September every year. Google was named on this day.

Who owns Google? , (Google ka Malik kaun hai)

owned by google Alphabet Inc is near. Alphabet is a company under which Google is a company and the inventors of Google created Alphabet in 2015 so you can say that Alphabet company is a new form of Google.

Who is the CEO of Google? (Google ke CEO kaun hai)

The CEO of Google and Alphabet is the same person whose name is Sundar Pichai Is. He is from India and was born in Chennai.

When was Google started? (Google ki shuruaat kab hui thi)

Google was started on 4 September 1998. start of google larry page And Sergey Brin had done It first started with a garage.

Which country’s company is Google? Google ki desh ki company hai?

Google is a US based company headquartered in mountain view, carlifornia, usa is in.

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Google what is your name in Hindi?

Today in this post I told you “google what is your name” Or “Google apk naam kya haiAnswered the question. I hope you have got the exact answer to your question. over here i full form of google And also told how Google works or how it earns money? If you like this post by me (google what is your name?If you liked the answer given in ) then do share it with other people as well. If you want to ask any question related to this post, then tell us by commenting.

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