Go to hell monarchy… Who chose King Charles… Rebellious voices or ‘freedom of expression’ rising in the midst of mourning in Britain?

London : After the death of British Queen Elizabeth II, the debate about freedom of expression in Britain has intensified with the arrest of some people protesting against the monarchy. In Edinburgh, a woman demonstrated with a placard that read ‘Fuck imperialism, end the monarchy’, after which police booked her for disturbing the peace. A similar case was registered against a man who tried to stop Prince Andrew during the Queen’s funeral procession in the Scottish capital.

Peace activist Simon Hill was handcuffed in Oxford when he shouted slogans at the proclamation of the new king. ‘Who has chosen him?’ He also objected to the imposition of the Head of State on the country. Prime Minister Liz Truss’s spokesman Max Blain said on the whole episode: “This is a period of national mourning and there is gloom across the UK… the right to protest will remain a fundamental principle.”

As soon as he became the king of Britain, Charles ruled in 14 countries, opposition to royal rule in some places
Police said – people have the right to protest
He, however, said that ‘police decides on action under different circumstances’. Deputy assistant commissioner Stuart Kandi said, “People definitely have a right to protest and we have made this clear to all officers doing police duty in this unprecedented situation.” Elizabeth II died last Thursday. His last rites will be performed on Monday, 19 September. In these days, his body is being brought from Scotland to London, which will stop at many places.

Crowds gathered to pay tribute to the Queen
On Monday, in the presence of the Queen’s four children – Prince Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – their coffin was taken to St. Giles Church in Edinburgh. During this, a large number of people gathered outside the church for his last darshan. People queued up outside Westminster Abbey on Monday to pay tribute to the Queen in London. The Queen’s coffin will be kept overnight in Buckingham Palace’s Bow Room, where members of the Royal Family will pay tribute to her. A funeral procession will take place on Wednesday, where the Queen’s coffin will be taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey (Parliament Complex).


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