Four vegetables with kulcha, reach Pitampura in Delhi to eat raita unlimited here, also see VIDEO

Amritsari Kulcha is no longer confined to Amritsar. It is available to eat all over the country. Its specialty is that this Kulcha is only in name. Basically it is a spicy stuffed thick tandoori roti, which is served dipped in butter. Along with chole, raita, chutney, salad etc. enhance its taste. Today we are taking you to such an outlet, where along with this Amritsari Kulcha, you will be offered four types of vegetables. Together with the thick raita of boondi. The special thing is that all these items are unlimited, that is, keep eating whatever vegetables you want to eat with Kulcha. Along with two types of salad and finally a piece of jaggery, which will add to its taste.

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Amritsari Kulchas are filled with four flavours.

Wherever Amritsari Kulcha is available to be eaten in the capital, you will get unaccounted butter with it, the chickpeas available together will be without oil. The chutney available here is of finely chopped onion and tamarind, but in the outlet where you are being informed, whatever vegetable you get along with the kulchas, is made by adding refined oil. Power House is very famous in Pitampura Residential Colony. Behind him there is an outlet in the name of ‘Amritsari Kulcha Sardar Ji’ in DDA Market of BD Block. There are four types of Amritsari Kulchas, which include potato, onion, cabbage and paneer. The taste of all is great and delicious.

There are four types of Amritsari Kulchas available at ‘Amritsari Kulcha Sardar Ji’ outlet.

Char Sabzi, Thick Raita, Pickle Everything Unlimited

There is clean seating and air-conditioned arrangement. You can order tandoori kulcha of your choice. Your order will reach the kitchen at the back. There, the work of the artisan boys began. Spicy stuffing will be filled in a big ball. Long Kulcha will be made by rolling it, then spices, dry fenugreek and ghee will be sprinkled on it. This kulcha will be pasted in the blazing tandoor. After it is lightly cooked, this Kadak Kulcha will be kept on a plate. A thick piece of butter will be placed on top.

After the Kulcha is placed on the plate, a thick piece of butter is placed on top.

You have the option to eat any of the five hot vegetables made here, Chole (Chana), Dal Makhani, Rajma or Soya Chaap. Thick raita will be put in the plate, along with different sour and sweet chutneys with onions. Along with green chili pickle. Everything is unlimited except Kulcha. Keep eating as much as you want.

You can eat any of the hot vegetables made here, chole (gram), dal makhani, rajma or soya chaap.

Sardar ji has 30 years of experience

When you refuse, at the end you will be given a piece of jaggery, so that the mouth becomes sweet and such a heavy meal can be easily digested. The price of these four types of Amritsari Kulcha is 120 to 140 rupees.

Although there are other items in this shop, but the mind of those who come here seems to be in Kulchas only. Sardar Arvinder Singh Chawla has been doing this work for almost 30 years. First he sold Kulche on the street vendors in Janakpuri area.

The price of Amritsari Kulcha is 120 to 140 rupees.

In the year 1986, outside the Pitampura registrar’s office, he was punished. There was a lot of work. Later this office was shifted to Rohini, so they decorated an outlet in this market nearby. They say that our taste is full of Punjabiyat. In the spice control and butter, ghee vigorously. Our artisans have been associated with us for years. His son Anmol Singh is also involved in this work. Everything fresh and hot. The work starts at 8 in the morning and everything gets settled at 5 in the evening. There is no holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Pitampura

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