First 12, then 22 and now a total of 24 Pakistani cities banned by UAE

Dubai. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has extended its visa ban on citizens coming to the country from two more cities of Pakistan. Now the total number of banned cities of Pakistan by UAE has increased to 24. 24NewsHD TV channel gave this information. Adnan Paracha, an expert at Pakistan Employees Promoters, said on Saturday that the UAE immigration authorities have imposed more restrictions on Pakistani citizens seeking visit visas.

According to Paracha, the main reason for this problem is the agent mafia. Firstly, the UAE immigration authorities had put 12 cities of Pakistan in the list of cities with visa restrictions. The number was then increased to 22, and now with the addition of two more cities, UAE immigration authorities will deny travel visas to Pakistanis belonging to these 24 cities.

Paracha expressed grief over the fact that businessmen from these 24 cities of Pakistan would also not be able to get visit visas after the UAE imposed restrictions. The UAE imposed restrictions on people from these cities because of misrepresentation by agents who sent them on visit visas but told them they were being sent on work visas.

He further said that when these people fail to get employment, they start begging in the UAE and the Emirates government deports them. To solve this problem, Paracha suggested that Pakistan’s foreign ministry take up the issue with the UAE government and the relevant authorities initiate action against such agents in the country.

It may be noted that in August, UAE immigration officials had deported 80 Pakistanis for dummy return tickets and other reasons. The Pakistani mission in Dubai informed the State Department that these passengers were deported for various reasons. Along with this, the ministry was also urged to educate Pakistani travelers, who were seeking employment in the UAE, to obtain work visas. It also states that travelers must carry a valid return ticket along with a visa and 5,000 dirhams when traveling to the UAE.

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