Fiji Indians: Big danger looms over 3 lakh Indians in Fiji, after 16 years the defeated Bainimarama will cause violence! military deployed

Sydney: Frank Bainimarama, who has been ruling for the last 16 years in Fiji, an island country located in the Pacific Ocean, is plotting to incite a civil war in the country after being voted out of power for the first time. Bainimarama’s target is Indians who are a minority there. In view of this, the army has been deployed in Fiji and the Maldivian police has confirmed this. There have been official and intelligence reports that there are preparations for a civil war and that minority groups are being targeted. Police said that people of Indian origin are living under the shadow of fear after this political development.

The whole controversy started when Bainimarama lost for the first time after 16 years. Fiji’s three parties are going to form the government together. He has thrown Bainimarama’s Fiji First party out of power. On Tuesday, the Social Democratic Liberal Party, which holds 3 seats in the hung parliament, announced that it is going to form a coalition government with two other parties. Under this agreement, Rabuka will be the new Prime Minister of Fiji. Meanwhile, after being out of power, Bainimarama has started hatching a big conspiracy.

Total 3.20 lakh people of Indian origin in Fiji

Fiji’s police said they and the army have received several reports that minority groups in the country are living in fear because of the latest political developments. In view of this, it has been decided that the Army will be deployed to assist the police in maintaining security and stability. Police said that the apprehension of racial tension in the country is increasing rapidly. Police said that several intelligence inputs have been received about inciting unrest in the country and targeting minorities.

Police has appealed to the local people not to make any provocative comments on social media. It said attacks against minorities have created fresh tensions. In view of this, along with the army, the navy has also been called. Both of these will help in maintaining the security system of the police. Both the police and the army have assured security to the minorities. 38 percent of the population in Fiji is of Indian origin. A total of 3.20 lakh people of Indian origin live in the country. The British sent Indians to Fiji on a large scale between 1879 and 1916 to cultivate sugarcane. Most of them were either from Bihar or from South India.


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