FIFA World Cup: Not one or two, it was predicted 7 years ago, Messi will become champion on December 18, 2022

new Delhi: Legendary football player Lionel Messi’s team Argentina created history by winning the FIFA World Cup played in Qatar. Under the captaincy of Messi, the team executed that historic victory, which crores of his fans were dreaming of for a long time. Everyone was claiming that Messi would become the champion this time, but a fan tweeted in 2015 with a date that Messi’s dream would be fulfilled on December 18, 2022.

In a tweet going viral on social media, it has been claimed that Messi’s team will win the title and he will become the all-time great. A user named José Miguel Polanco tweeted on March 21, 2015 – On December 18, 2022, 34 years old (35 years old) Lionel Messi will win the World Cup and become the greatest of all time. Checking my tweets after 7 years.

Now that Messi’s team has won the World Cup, this tweet is going viral. Even before this such tweets have gone viral. His tweet has been retweeted over a lakh times, while has garnered over 3 lakh likes and over 10,000 replies.

Messi reached the final of the FIFA World Cup in 2014, but his team had to face defeat from Germany. After that it seemed that the great Messi’s dream would remain unfulfilled as in 2018, the same France team defeated Argentina in the pre-quarter final match. Now not only has Messi’s dream come true, but he has also grown in stature on the scale of greatness. Prior to this, he had already won the Olympic gold medal and the coveted Copa America trophy for Argentina.
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FIFA Final 2022: Argentina becomes world champion of football, this victory will bring Lionel Messi in all time great


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