Fake Ration Cards: Action has been taken against those who claim the rights of the poor on fake ration cards.

New Delhi. In many states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, action against those who take free ration under the National Food Security Scheme has intensified. Now in many states of the country, the ration cards of fake card holders are being canceled on a large scale. This action has now intensified in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh. Fake ration card holders are being caught the most in Uttar Pradesh. So far 86 thousand ration card holders have been found ineligible in Ghaziabad itself. Most of these are cardholders who have already surrendered the ration card for fear of action.

Recently, the government was given a few days’ time to take major action against the ineligible ration card holders who are taking ration for the rights of the poor. In the investigation of the Food Supply Department in many districts including Ghaziabad of UP, it has been found that even after being ineligible, he was still taking the benefit of free ration. But, now these cardholders are surrendering their ration card due to fear of action.

A few days’ time was given to take major action against ineligible ration card holders.

Action taken on fake ration card
This campaign of the central government is now getting support. Many people are welcoming this decision of the government. He says that now only those people will get free ration, who are rightfully eligible for it. Let us tell you that earlier there were 5 lakh 27 thousand ration card holders in Ghaziabad district of UP, out of which the license of 86 thousand cardholders has now been cancelled. These were the people who were taking free ration for a long time. Now after the cancellation of their license, only 4 lakh 41 thousand ration card holders are left in the district.

Government’s big action regarding free ration
During Kovid, the common people had to suffer a lot of financial loss. During this, the central government distributed free ration to crores of people. Later, the government provided huge financial assistance to the poor by giving both free ration and money. During this, many ineligible also got free ration. When information was received about them, a plan was made to recover ration money, but the government has now canceled the plan to recover money from them.

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During the Corona period, the central government distributed free ration to crores of people.

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Recently, after the instructions of the central government, the supply department of many states had issued a big order for the ration card holders. The supply department decided to withdraw the order of recovery of free ration from the ineligible. Due to this there was a lot of enthusiasm among the ineligible ration card holders.

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