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Causes and Solutions of Global Warming (Global Warming in Hindi)

Global warming, which sounds like a very heard word, but no one wants to pay attention to it. Just as natural calamity never comes by speaking to anyone, but whenever it comes, it goes away with the loss of huge public and money. Such as – tsunami, earthquake, excessive rain, severe heat etc.

Even today we are seeing the problem of global warming, but we are ignoring it. Whereas in the coming few years the effect of global warming will be visible even more.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming which is commonly called the increase in global temperature. It is said that there should be more oxygen on the earth, but with increasing pollution, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing. Due to which there has been a hole in the ozone layer. The same ultraviolet rays come directly to the earth, which is having an effect on the greenhouse. Extreme heat has started increasing, due to which the ice in Antarctica is melting, due to which the water level is increasing. The area of ​​sand is increasing with increasing heat in the desert.

Greenhouse Global warming is happening due to imbalance of

What is Greenhouse?

From all types of gases, which have one percent of their own, such a cover made of those gases, which acts as a protective layer on the earth. As soon as it becomes unbalanced, a serious problem like global warming comes to the fore.

Global warming causes effects solutions

Why is global warming happening? (Global warming causes)

  • Pollution is the biggest cause of global warming. According to today’s time, it is pointless to tell pollution and its types. It is increasing everywhere and in the region, due to which the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing. Due to which global warming is increasing.
  • Due to modernization, felling of trees changes in the urbanization of villages. Buildings, factories, or any other sources of income are being opened at every vacant place. Open and leave no source for fresh air or oxygen.
  • For your convenience, divert the waters of ancient rivers. Due to which the flow of that river decreases – that river automatically stops.

There are many more reasons to count. Everything on earth has a cycle. Everything is related to each other, somewhere, in some form or the other. When one thing shakes, the whole circle of the earth shakes. Due to which heavy loss has to be faced.

Global warming effects

Like the effect of natural disaster. He incurs heavy losses. In the same way, global warming is a disaster whose effect is very gradual. It is very important that other disasters can be compensated for many years. But due to global warming, man cannot compensate for the loss till his last mother-in-law. like –

  • Due to global warming, many animal and animal species have become extinct.
  • Very cold place where, for twelve months the snow cover was covered. There the snow started melting due to which the water level has started rising.
  • Due to the scorching heat, the desert has started expanding. Due to which more heat is likely to increase in the coming years.
  • Due to the imbalance of seasons on the earth, whether it has started raining, heat, and cold or has started to remain dry. Which is having the biggest impact on the crops, due to which the whole country is fighting inflation in today’s date.
  • Global warming is causing the most damage to the environment. Due to which any person is suffering from some disease from small to big. Due to lack of pure oxygen, the person has started living a life of suffocation.

Global warming solutions

It is very important for global warming, “Save the environment, the earth will survive.” In very small daily life, this problem can be solved by taking the changes in the work being done in the right direction.

  • Plant more and more trees according to the season.
  • Use train instead of car for long journey. As far as possible in daily life, instead of two wheelers, use public buses or other means of transport.
  • Instead of using electricity, use solar energy sources.
  • Do not misuse water. Renewal of ancient and natural water resources should not be done in such a way that they get destroyed.
  • Reduce the use of modern things and use domestic and indigenous things.

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