Escape from this new branch of Jamtara gang! Police is also battered by the triangle made on UP, Rajasthan, Haryana border

new Delhi: Big people are losing their wealth by getting trapped in the triangle of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, Bharatpur in Rajasthan and Mewat in Haryana. The Jamtara gang of cyber thugs is expanding rapidly. As the country is going digital, new branches of Jamtara gang are opening. The triangle of Mathura, Bharatpur and Mewat is actually made up of these new branches. In the cases of cybercrime investigated by the UP Police in the last few months, at least 400 cases were found to be related to this triangle. UP Cyber ​​Cell SP Triveni Singh says that thugs have become adept at extorting money from their male victims by putting them in an objectionable position. He said, ‘By making fake porn videos, they call their targets and demand Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000. Many thugs even speak fluent English to the victims of metros like Mumbai, Kolkata.

Sextortion business catching up fast

Recently, a businessman from Lucknow was a victim of sextortion. He accepted a friend request of a woman on social media. After that a video call came on his WhatsApp. In the 15-second video call, the girl took off her clothes and spoke obscenely. Then disconnected the call. A few minutes later the businessman got a phone call. He was told to give Rs 30 lakh or his video of him looking at the girl in an objectionable manner would be put on social media. The accused were nabbed from Mewat. In the last one year, about 300 people have appealed to the cyber cell. These include a senior officer of the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPCS). On all these video calls, after opening the girl’s clothes and talking dirty, there was a call asking for money.

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People trust this style of thugs

Apart from sextortion, thugs prey on victims most commonly on e-commerce sites and online platforms. A senior officer associated with the cyber cell said, “Thugs keep an eye on online marketplaces like OLX. They create fake accounts and call the seller posing as customers. After fixing the price, they send the QR code to the seller. In such a situation, instead of taking money from the buyer, the seller gives it to the buyer. Police officer Vivek Ranjan Rai, who has been associated with the cyber cell in Lucknow and Noida for a long time, says that fraud through sextortion and e-commerce sites does not require special knowledge, whereas the Jamtara gang make their victims by persuading people with great effort. Huh. “In such cases, thugs either trick their victims into installing a mobile app by sending them a link or by making a video call. In the end, he threatens by calling himself a policeman.

Be alert while buying and selling

The swindlers scavenge advertisements published in newspapers and online websites. They take their victims into confidence by posing as army or para military personnel. He even gives his fake badge number, battalion name, place of posting and sends his photo in uniform with ID. Thugs from Mathura and Bharatpur often target people who post ads for the sale or purchase of second hand bikes, cars, gadgets or everyday items. Recently a retired bank manager was duped of Rs 5 lakh. He had advertised to sell one month old double door for 50 thousand. To win their trust, the thug, posing as an army person, deposited Rs 100 in their account. After that he said that since he is posted in the border area, there is network problem and payment is not being done. He sent a QR code. As soon as the QR code was scanned, Rs 5 lakh was withdrawn from the account.

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Understand the plot of the triangle of thugs

Vishal Vikram Singh, Additional SP of the Special Task Force, says that tracing phone calls from around the borders of the states is a very difficult task. There, sometimes the telecom network of some state and sometimes of some other state gets caught. That is why the thugs have created the triangle of Mathura, Bharatpur and Mewat. He said, ‘This triangle creates a black spot for the mobile network. It becomes like scrambling in a dark tunnel for the police. That’s why thugs keep getting silver. The exact location of his phone is not even known. They say that thugs bring SIM cards in bulk from the North Eastern states on fake IDs. They keep changing SIMs frequently which makes it very difficult for the police to trace them.

If you want to avoid cheating, then you have to do this much…
➤ Put social media accounts in private mode.

➤ Use a VPN to hide your identity online.

➤ Must install anti-malware especially on mobile.

➤ Tie the knot that there is no need to scan the QR code to take money. If someone is asking you to scan the QR code to give you money, then understand that it is 100% fraud attempt.

➤ Never download an app by scanning a QR code. Download the app only from Google and Apple Play Store.

➤ Even after scanning the QR code, pay attention to the URL of the website that opens. If everything looks fine then enter your bank account details. If you have the slightest doubt, don’t cast it at all.

➤ Check the details of the company asking for payment through the QR code. That is, see exactly where your payment will go.

➤ Give up the habit of visiting a website by scanning a QR code. Get used to visiting websites by typing in the browser.


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