Electricity Saving Tips: Electricity bill will come in half in winter! Just follow these tips

Winters Electricity Bill Saving Tips: More electricity is used in winter than in summer. The biggest reason for this is the excessive use of heaters, geysers and other devices. If you have also been troubled by the high electricity bill in winter, then to avoid this, we are going to tell you about those devices from which the electricity bill is very high.

Today we have brought some such products for you by which electricity consumption (Electricity Tips and Tricks) can be reduced. All these devices are going to be used on regular basis. Let us know how the electricity bill can be brought in half in winter.

Room Heater

Room heater is used a lot in winter. If you want to reduce the electricity bill, then try to use it at least. However, if you have more cold here and cannot reduce its use, then you should buy such room heaters which are with 5 stars. Also, to keep the room warm, close the room gate while running the heater. Apart from this, to reduce power consumption, you can also use portable or rechargeable heaters which can be used for hours once charged.

Kitchen Chimney

The use of kitchen chimney also has a greater effect on electricity, due to which the electricity bill comes more. Due to the increase in its use in winter, the consumption of the bill increases more. That’s why try to use the chimney less or not at all.


Running of geyser for hours consumes more electricity. That’s why you use 5 star rating geyser to heat water. If you want, you can also use Immersion Rod, which does not have a direct effect on electricity. You can reduce power consumption by using 5 star rods.

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