Electric trains will now run on this route in Bihar, Lalu Prasad started the railway section


Electric trains will now run on the Hathua-Bathua-Panchdeori railway line in Bihar.
Facilities will increase at all stations, railway passengers will get relief in the journey.
The trial of the electric train was done in the presence of railway officials.

Gopalganj, Electric trains will now run on the Hathua-Bathua-Panchdeori section of North Eastern Railway. For this, the trial started from Monday. The work of electrification of Hathua-Bathua-Panchdeori (32 km) railway section has been completed by the Varanasi Railway Division in order to expand the infrastructure for upgradation of passenger facilities and ease of operation.

The safety test was conducted by AK Shukla, chief chief electrical engineer of the railway division. Principal Chief Electrical Engineer firstly inspected Hathua railway station and made yard plan, neutral section, power sub station, station working rule, platform clearance, point crossing, Sinliki height, black overlap, signaling soon, according to the standard of electrified railway section. Safety test of earthing track, overhead fouling mark, sand hump, feeder power supply distribution system and control feeder isolation etc. Along with this, many instructions were given to increase the facilities near the railway station.

Public Relations Officer of Varanasi Railway Division, Ashok Kumar told that now electric trains will run, whose trial has been secured. Chief Chief Electrical Engineer at Bathua station inspected the various works developed according to the electrification of the integrated railway section and found all the works as per the standard.

from your city (Gopalganj)

After this, the Principal Chief Electrical Engineer inspected the Hathua-Bathua-Panchdeori block section with his special inspection vehicle, yard plan, neutral section, power sub-station, station working rule, platform clearance, point crossing, signaling as per the standard of the electrified railway section. , earthing, height of overhead traction, power distribution and observed the work to be done in case of failure.

number of trains will increase
The construction of the Hathua-Bathua-Panchdeori railway line was done by the then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad. Railways has decided to increase the resources by improving the project of this railway section. Along with this, the possibility of operating new trains of this railway section is also being expressed.

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