Eicher Motors to acquire 10.35% in Spanish firm Stark Future for over Rs 440 cr

Eicher Motors Ltd on Thursday said it will acquire a 10.35 per cent equity stake in Spanish electric motorcycle maker Stark Future for 50 million euros (over Rs 440 crore).

The acquisition is part of a strategic collaboration in the electric motorcycle space with Stark Future SL, said Eicher Motors, the parent company of Royal Enfield, a mid-weight motorcycle manufacturer.

The Board of Directors of Eicher Motors Ltd at its meeting held on Thursday “approved an investment of euro 50 million for a close to 10.35 per cent equity stake in Stark Future”, the company said in a statement.

With this investment, Eicher Motors will have a seat on Stark Future’s board, and will explore further opportunities to collaborate in the space of electric mobility, it added.

The investment will pave the way for a long-term partnership in collaborative research and development in electric motorcycles, technology sharing, technical licensing and manufacturing, the statement said.

Eicher Motors Ltd Managing Director Siddhartha Lal said that at present leisure motorcycles do not easily lend themselves to EV technology due to challenges like the battery range, packaging, weight and cost, thereby resulting in stunted growth of the segment.

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However, he said, “Stark Future has been able to understand and harness the potential of EV technology by dramatically outperforming ICE offerings, without compromising on the range, weight, packaging and cost. They have created an absolutely astonishing motocross motorcycle – the Stark VARG as their entry into the EV world”.

Lal further said we believe that Stark Future has the highest potential for real breakout growth in the EV leisure space with this model, and the potential to use this strong base to extend into other contiguous segments and beyond.

Stark Future founder and CEO Anton Wass said the company had aimed to challenge and inspire the motorcycle industry with the creation of the Stark VARG and by bringing its electric technology from the drawing board to reality.

“To now partner with one of the very first motorcycle brands in history, and be part of their journey towards sustainability is a huge inspiration for us at Stark,” he added.

Stark Future is a European electric motorcycle manufacturer with a specific focus on the area of ​​performance electric motorcycles.

Royal Enfield CEO B Govindarajan said, “While they are scaling up and planning their market entry soon, we will support Stark in the industrialisation process”.

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The two companies will also plan to share some EV platforms in the future, he added.

Stark Future unveiled its motocross bike VARG on December 14, 2021. It has initiated the advance booking of the bikes and is expected to start commercial production in the first half of 2023.

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