Earthquake: Six countries shook in 24 hours, buildings collapsed in Taiwan, China shook, tsunami warning, see photos

Within the last 24 hours, six countries of the world were shaken by the earthquake. Tremors were also felt in some states of India, but they were much weaker than Taiwan, Japan. The situation is very bad in Taiwan, Japan, China.

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan. The tremors were so strong that many buildings here were grounded. There were cracks between the roads. Many bridges were also broken. Many of its videos have come on social media. Apart from Taiwan, tremors have also been felt in Japan and China.

Since yesterday, earthquake tremors have been felt more than 50 times in these three countries alone. A tsunami warning has been issued in Taiwan. Meteorologists say that due to the earthquake, there may be heavy rain in Taiwan, Japan and China.

Next we will show you in pictures which are the six countries where earthquake tremors have been felt within the last 24 hours. Where is the situation now? What is the situation in Taiwan, Japan and China? Let’s know…

Where did the earthquake happen?

According to, earthquake tremors have been felt in Taiwan, Japan, China, Afghanistan, Myanmar, India (Meghalaya) within the last 24 hours. The worst condition is in Taiwan. According to the information so far, the tremors of the earthquake were felt 50 kilometers north of the city at 2:44 pm (local time). According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was 10 km below. Its intensity was measured at 6.9 on the Rector Scale.

tsunami alert

Amidst the tremors of the earthquake, the Japan Meteorological Department has issued a one meter high tsunami alert. According to meteorologists, the southern islands of Japan may be threatened due to this tsunami. An alert has been issued for this. Japanese officials have asked people living close to the coast to evacuate immediately.

23 years ago more than two thousand people were killed in Taiwan

This is not the first time in Taiwan that an earthquake has caused havoc. Prior to this, the earthquake in 1999 also caused terrible devastation. Then more than two thousand people died. More than one and a half lakh people were made homeless. About 15,000 people were injured. After this there was a terrible earthquake in the year 2016. Then more than 100 people died.

More than 50 earthquake tremors in 24 hours

More than 50 earthquake tremors have been felt in Taiwan and Japan in the last 24 hours. There is panic in the whole country. People are shocked. The government has asked people to move to safer areas. Relief work has also started.

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