Earning opportunities will be available in 2023 also, add money for investment, 89 new IPOs are coming in the new year


The upcoming IPO in 2023 has got the green signal from SEBI.
In 2021, a total of 63 firms raised Rs 1.19 trillion through IPOs in India.
Till November this year, 33 companies have raised Rs 55,145.80 crore.

Mumbai. In 2022, investors made a lot of money through IPO in the Indian stock market and now in the next year 2023 also they will get more such opportunities to earn. because at the beginning of the new year many IPO Will be available for subscription in the market. According to data from PrimeDatabase, around 89 companies will hit Dalal Street in 2023 to raise around Rs 1.4 trillion.

In 2021, a total of 63 firms raised Rs 1.19 trillion through IPOs in India, while in 2022, till November, 33 companies raised Rs 55,145.80 crore. Here are the names of companies that have got SEBI’s green signal for IPO and are now awaiting approval.

Some IPOs gave strong returns
Some fund managers say that IPOs have helped them generate alpha over the years. Indian markets are touching new heights with time. Anoop Bhaskar of IDFC Mutual Fund told Moneycontrol’s Mutual Fund Summit that “The markets have become very flat in the last few years. Now it is not easy to find a bank like HDFC as we did in 2008. But the interesting thing is that in the last few years there has been an alpha generation in IPOs.

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Actually ‘Alpha’ in mutual funds is an important parameter to judge the performance of the investment. By understanding the alpha, it can be ascertained that how good is the investment in a scheme. Alpha generation has been very good in the last few IPOs. However, still some investors are hesitant to invest in IPOs as shares of some listed companies including Paytm, Policy Bazaar and Zomato are trading below their IPO price.

What is IPO?
IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. Whenever a company offers its shares to the public for the first time, it is called IPO. Many private companies are active in the country, when these companies need funds, they get themselves listed in the stock market.

Every company brings IPO before getting listed in the stock market. After IPO subscription, the company gets listed in the market. After this investors can buy and sell the shares of the company.

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