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Google AdSense Se Earning Kaise Kare: There are many ways to earn money online, Among all these, Google AdSense is a reliable way to earn money online. Most of the people who are making money online, more than 50 percent of them are making money using Google Adsense.

If you work following the guidelines of Google, then you can earn so much money from Google AdSense that you cannot earn even in a normal job. To earn money from Google AdSense for a long time, you also have to keep your Adsense account safe.

If you also want to earn money online through Google AdSense, then read this blog post till the end. In this article we have you Ways to make money with Google AdSense Along with this, there are also ways to keep Google AdSense account safe so that you can earn lifetime from Google AdSense.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article today. Google Adsense From Pennies How earn,

How To Make Money With Google Adsense - Google Adsense Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Google AdSense Quick Review

main point description
Product Name Google AdSense
Category Ad network
master Google LLC
launch date 18 June 2003
head office California, US
minimum payout $100 (in dollars)
payment option bank transfer
Required bank details Bank Account Number, Swift Code
payment day on the 21st of every month

What is Google Adsense (Google Adsense In Hindi)

Google AdSense Is a CPC based Ad Network which blogger And allows YouTuber to monetize their content. Publishers take Google Adsense approval on their digital assets like blogs, websites, YouTube channels etc. and then earn money by showing ads in them.

You have online many blogs, Website and on youtube channel Google You must have seen the ads, all these ads are shown to the user only through Google AdSense, publishers earn money by putting on Google Adsense’s Ad blog and YouTube channel.

The more people click on the ad, the more the publisher earns. When $100 is completed in Google Adsense account, then this money will be transferred to your bank account can transfer in. Google AdSense has always been a good option for monetization for those who make money online.

Who owns Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a product of Google, one of the largest tech companies in the world, which was launched by Google on 18 June 2003. The head office of Google Adsense is located in California, USA.

How to earn money from Google Adsense (Adsense Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

There are only two main ways to earn money from Google AdSense by which you can earn in dollars ($) from Google AdSense. The first way is by creating a blog and the second by starting a YouTube channel.

In this article, we have told you in detail about both the ways to earn money from Google AdSense.

#1 – Make money with Google AdSense by creating a blog

Blog is a platform in which you convey your knowledge or ideas to people in the form of text through the Internet. Many Hindi bloggers of India are also earning lakhs of rupees every month from blogging. Google AdSense is the most famous and reliable way to earn from blog.

Whenever you read a blog online, you must have come across some advertisements in it. Most of these blogs place ads of Google AdSense in their blog because Google AdSense pays more money to blogger than any other Ad Network.

By creating a blog, you can earn money from Google AdSense in the following ways –

  • First of all, you have to decide a Niche, from which you will publish the related article on the blog.
  • After selecting Niche, you can create your blog on either Blogger or WordPress platform.
  • You can create a blog absolutely free in Blogger, but to create a blog in WordPress, you have to domain And hosting is needed.
  • If you want to create a blog on WordPress, then you can take hosting from Hostinger, in this you also get a domain name for free.
  • After creating a blog, you have to regularly publish SEO Friendly articles on the blog.
  • When you have written 15 to 20 articles, then apply for Google AdSense.
  • If everything is correct in your blog then you AdSense Approval will get.
  • You have to make traffic of your blog by working continuously, and when there is traffic on the blog then you can earn from AdSense.

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#2 – Make money with Google AdSense by creating a YouTube channel

Another way to earn money from Google AdSense is through YouTube channel. whenever you YouTube But if you watch some videos, then you must have seen Ad at the beginning of the video. This ad is also shown on YouTube channels through Google AdSense. And YouTuber earns the most from Google AdSense.

To show Google AdSense ads on YouTube channel, you have to fulfill YouTube’s monetization criteria. To monetize YouTube channel, you have to complete 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hour.

Following are the process of earning from Google AdSense by creating YouTube channel –

  • To create a YouTube channel like a blog, you have to decide a niche, from which you will publish related videos on YouTube.
  • After this you create a YouTube channel, for which you only need Gmail ID is needed.
  • You must also put a banner image, and profile picture in the YouTube channel.
  • After this you have to publish videos on YouTube regularly.
  • When you work continuously, your subscribers will also increase very quickly.
  • After 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hour are completed, you can monetize your channel with Google AdSense.
  • After the channel is monetized, you can earn money by placing ads in your YouTube channel with Google AdSense.

Let’s talk about Google AdSense Se Paise Kaise Kamaye. Let us now look at some of the questions related to Google AdSense that people usually ask.

How much money can I earn from Google AdSense?

You can earn unlimited money with Google AdSense. The more traffic you have on your blog and the more views you have in YouTube videos, the more you can earn from Google AdSense. There are many such blogs and YouTube channels that earn thousands of dollars a day from Google Adsense.

How much does Google AdSense pay on 1000 pageviews?

Many new bloggers keep asking how much Google AdSense pays for 1000 pageviews. But there is no direct answer to this. How many dollars you will get on how many pageviews depends on many factors such as –

  • From which country is the traffic coming? If traffic comes to your blog from America, then you can earn from 50 to 100 dollars on 1000 pageviews.
  • What niche is your blog on? Good CPC is available on finance, insurance, loan etc. Niche.

If we talk about India, then on average 1000 pageview earns from 5 to 7 dollars in blogging.

How to earn 100$ daily from Google AdSense?

Earning $100 per day from Google AdSense is an easy task and difficult too. If you work well on your blog and YouTube channel, then gradually the traffic on your blog will increase and the views on YouTube will increase.

In blogging, to earn 100 dollars every day from Google AdSense, you have to bring from 20 thousand to 1 lakh pageviews and you become 100 dollars on about 80 thousand views in YouTube channel.

Things to keep in mind when using Google AdSense

Although earning money from Google AdSense is an easy task if you work hard, but for this you have to keep your Google AdSense account safe. The policy of Google AdSense is very strict, if you violate the policy of Google AdSense in any way then your account can be closed forever.

For your information, let us tell you that a person can create only one Google AdSense account with his name and ID, this means that you cannot create a Google Adsense account with the same name again.

How to Protect Adsense Account (Adsense Safe Rakhne Ka Tarika)

To keep your Google AdSense account secure, you need to keep some of the following things in mind.

  • Follow the policy of Google AdSense along with Google webmaster policy.
  • Do not ask your friends, relatives and family members to click on the ads of your blog.
  • Never see or click your ads by yourself.
  • Do not encourage users to click on your own ads.
  • Do not do Ad Placement in a place where the user is forced to click, this activity comes under Invalid Click.
  • Bring more and more organic traffic, this will boost your earnings.
  • Initially, when your address is asked in Google AdSense, fill the address correctly, because after completing $ 10 in Adsense account, Google Adsense sends a letter for Pin Verification to your address.
  • When $100 is completed in your Adsense account, then you have to fill your bank details correctly. If something goes wrong somewhere, you may have trouble getting the payment.
  • You must be 18 years old to create an AdSense account, if you are less than 18 years old then you can create an Adsense account in the name of your parents or any other family member who is above 18 years of age.

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Conclusion: How to earn money from Google Adsense in Hindi

Through this blog post we Google Adsense From Pennies How earn (Google AdSense se Paise Kaise Kamaye) And we sincerely hope that after reading this article, you too will be able to earn money from Google AdSense online.

By the way, earning money from Google AdSense is not as easy as it looks, to earn money from Google Adsense, you have to work hard in the beginning, only then you can earn passive income from Google Adsense.

So friends, this is all in this article, if the information given in this article was beneficial for you, then definitely share this information with your friends on social media as well.

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