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Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s in India) are considered to be the biggest strength of the Indian economy. According to official figures, today in the country around 6.3 crore MSMEs, out of which about 92% MSMEs Annual turnover of less than Rs.5 crores.

How much does MSME contribute to the Indian economy? (What is the contribution of MSME’s to the Indian economy?)

Explain that at present, MSMEs contribute about 30 percent of India’s GDP, and this provides a means of livelihood to about 11 crore people. Under this industry, more than 6 thousand types of products are made in the country, which are in demand all over the world.

What is MSME? (What is MSME’s)

Explain that micro, small and medium industry is a sector in which there is a limited number of people working and their annual output is also in a limited scope. Today it is divided into two parts, such as manufacturing sector and service sector. and industries having turnover less than 5 crores come in micro industry, while small industries having turnover between 5 crores to 75 crores and medium industries having turnover between 75 crores to 250 crores.

More boost given after lockdown

Today the whole world is facing a severe economic crisis due to Corona pandemic. To deal with these challenges, various efforts were made by the government to promote MSMEs during the lockdown, so that the economy can be controlled and more and more people can get employment in this sector.

However, even today, not many people know what measures are being taken by the government to promote this sector. Let us tell you that in this direction, the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program (PMEGP), Performance and Credit Rating Scheme, Credit Guarantee Trust Fund for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTSME), Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certificate (ISEC), Market Promotion and Development Scheme (MSME) have been launched by the government. Many schemes like MPDA), have been launched.

What is the biggest problem?

Today these industries need to meet their electricity needs. 25% From 40% The cost is easily covered, which does not include the cost of manufacturing. It is clear from this that if an entrepreneur can control this expenditure, then it will be very easy for him to carry forward his business and if someone wants to reduce this expenditure on electricity, then they should have solar system in their place. Businesses) have to be installed.

What is the reason for not adopting solar

There are many myths about solar system in the market today, which are very important to dispel – this question remains in the mind of every businessman, that if we spent so much in installing it and due to some reason our business is closed. If it is, what will we do with it?

Since, if we buy a vehicle or any other product to fulfill our needs, it has a resale value. What will happen to it? For this reason people are reluctant to adopt solar system in MSMEs.

At the same time, another reason for this is also that today most of the people doing business take their office, laptop, etc. on rent, because of this they are afraid to install solar system, that if their office changes further, then It will be a lot of trouble to put the solar system in another place.

What is the remedy?

first – Let us tell you that if you use a chair, table, TV, fridge in your house and you have a chance to change your house, then it is not that you leave your items there. With Solar System It is the same. Let us tell you that if you have any 5 or 10 kW solar system, then it does not take much time to disassemble it and it can be installed in another place at the same cost as you spent in installing it for the first time. Is.

another – If your business gets closed due to some reason, then the question arises that what will you do with your solar system? So let us tell you that today On Grid Solar System is used for business and during the lockdown in the country, all the people who installed solar system to run their business, remained in great profit.

Because during this time most of the commercial space of the country was lying closed and it was being used the most in the residential sector. At the same time, due to the clean air, the production of electricity from the solar system was also getting plentiful. Because of this people sold a lot of electricity and when they consumed, they did not have to pay any electricity bill for months. Because they had already exported it. It is clear from this that the solar system is not like any other machine that it will ever become outdated in the market. Whether you are or not, it will continue to do its job.

What are the other benefits?

1. Electricity bill budget – If you use solar system to meet the electricity needs of your business, then your electricity bill will be zero.

2. Tax Benefits on Solar System – If you are running a business of your own, then to save your tax, you can invest in Solar System. Let us tell you that today the tax of 15 to 25 percent is fixed for MSMEs and if you If you invest in solar, you 40 percent Taxes up to and above can be easily avoided and you can use this remaining tax to increase the salary and other resources of your employees and you will also save tax on the amount you spend on your assets.

3. Term loan will also benefit – If you have any for your business Loan If you have taken the EMI, then you can get a benefit of 5 percent up to Rs 5 lakh in the EMI you pay every month.

In this way, if any MSME will come to know about so many benefits of solar system, then all their fear will be over, which is also very beneficial for their business.

For Haryana State Only: 4.13 State Renewable Energy Scheme: State will provide interest subsidy on term loan to the tune of 5% (maximum up to INR 5 lakhs per year) for three years for adoption of renewable energy technologies like rooftop solar. Download full document here,

Talk will be made from Micro Grid

micro grid

Let us tell you that the first requirement in any business is electricity. After that, it is the turn of the generator and computer, etc. Let us tell you that here the whole plant runs on electricity. whereas generator is kept for heavy machines and inverter battery backup for small needs like computer, light, fan, etc.

In such a situation, if the power goes out even for a few minutes, then they have to suffer a lot in their business and the use of generator proves to be very expensive for them. Because, whether you run one machine or all the machines, it will cost you the same to run it. In such a situation, looking at the current conditions of the country, it would not be wrong to say that today the needs of Micro Grid are going to increase rapidly.

How many kilowatt generator do you have? 25 to 50% More Micro Grid Will need to install For example, if you have a 50kVA generator, then you need a 75kW inverter battery (75kWh Micro Grid) should be. But here instead of inverter battery, Micro Grid will work, which will be with 15 Lithium battery.

What is the message of the future?

As if you need to replace the entire generator, then you have to install a micro grid and today many restrictions are being imposed on the use of generators all over the country, which is clear that in the coming 2-3 years, we will have to make a difference in this field. Big changes will be seen.

Other advantages of Micro Grid

Let us tell you that Micro Grid works exactly like UPS. That is, even if the government power goes out, you will not get electricity even for a nano second and your work will continue uninterrupted.

How many kilowatt solar system will be needed?

If your business is currently on a small scale, then you can go for 10 kW solar system. On the other hand, if your needs are high, you will need to inquire for an engineer visit. They will visit your site and analyze your load, finalize the system design and give you an idea of ​​the cost involved.


We are sure that this article will be helpful for you. If you want to adopt solar system for your home or business and want to make yourself self-sufficient in the matter of electricity, then contact us now. Our experts are always ready to assist you.

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