E shram Card Good News:- The face of the E shram card holders is raised, on this day the account will come, know how the next one will know:-

If you are also an e-shram card holder then this article is for you. Let us tell you that in the e-shram card there is a database of laborers and works of backward areas.

The government provides financial assistance to poor laborers and workers through the e-shram card scheme.

If you have also got e-labor card made for yourself or your family members or are planning to make, then let us tell you that it is very important for you to have knowledge about such benefits, so let us know what is the need to make e-labor card. the gain.

After all, what are the benefits of making an e-shram card:-

Shram Card Scheme is to provide financial assistance to the poor laborers who are not only backward in the society but are also financially weak so that their condition can be improved.

Some of the benefits of e-shram card are as follows.

  • This e-shram card holders will get the benefit of every scheme brought by the government directly.
  • If the e-shram card holder is injured in an accident, becomes disabled or disabled, then the government will give an amount of 1 lakh to him for financial assistance.
  • And if the person dies in this accident. So through e-shram card, ₹ 2000000 will be given to the family members of that person for financial assistance.
  • The government will provide loans to all those people to build houses at low interest. Those who have e-shram card available.
  • It has also been indirectly confirmed that whoever is associated with the e-shram card scheme these days or earlier. So they will get a certain amount as financial assistance in old age.
  • From time to time, an amount of 1000 as financial assistance comes in the bank account of the e Shram card holders.

Without the necessary documents, the school cannot be changed, so how can an e-shram card be made without any document. So let’s know what are the documents required to get the labor card made:-

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank Statement or Bank Passbook Print
  • passport size photograph
  • residential certificate
  • mobile number linked with aadhar card

Now such children who are from the unorganized sector and are also backward, can they also make e-shram card, then the answer is never, there are some conditions for making e-shram card, whichever person fully matches these conditions only and Only he is eligible to join the e-shram card scheme, so let us know what are the conditions for making e-shram card.

  • Age has also been fixed to join this scheme. Only persons of 18 years to 60 years can apply for this.
  • Jobseekers or people who have high income. Cannot apply for this. Only unorganized sector workers or wage earners can apply for this.
  • The person should have citizenship of India. A person having citizenship of any other country cannot apply for it.
  • A person who is already getting the benefit of any government scheme. He cannot take advantage of the e-shram card scheme.
  • No student who is pursuing his studies can join this scheme. This scheme is for poor laborers. Not for the students studying in the school.

How to register, know the whole process from beginning to end:-

If you want, you can apply for this by visiting your nearest studio or evergreen cafe.

Apart from this, you can apply for e-shram card using your own android mobile. Know what is the process to apply for e-shram card:-

  • If you want to make e-shram card successfully, then you first need to go to the official website of this scheme, Eshram.gov.in, through the Chrome of your phone.
  • As soon as you go to this website, its homepage will open on your screen. There you will get the option of registration. You have to click on it.
  • Go ahead with the process by clicking on the option as yourself.
  • Then here you have to enter your mobile number, enter the mobile number linked with Aadhaar.
  • You must ensure that you are never a member of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. If you are its member then you will not get the benefit of E Shram Card Scheme.
  • Then you have to provide all the details of your bank as mentioned. After that you have to update all the documents as we have mentioned.
  • Your process will be completed only after submitting. And your registration will be done successfully.

Know what is the good news related to this scheme:-

There is good news for all labor card holders. It is being said that the government has released the next installment of this scheme.

Yes, you heard it right, an amount of ₹ 500 will be provided by the government in the account of all e-shram card holders.

Let us tell you that it is believed that this amount will be transferred to the account by July 30. You can confirm this as follows.

  • A message will be sent by the bank to your mobile number.
  • You can check its authenticity through ATM.
  • Go to the banks of your branch.


Through this article, we told you about how to apply for e-shram card and the benefits of e-shram card. Through which you can take advantage of e-shram card. Hope you liked our article. If you want to ask us any question, you can ask through comment, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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