During private moments, this action can be heavy, feasting on throat cancer in the midst of pleasure!

The personal moment of lover-girlfriend or husband-wife is the most beautiful moment of their life. This moment spent with the spouse brings new energy and positive thinking in them. This makes the bonding between the two stronger. These moments are very important to take the creation forward. But the results of a recent scientific research are indicating to you to be a little alert even in this moment.

According to a report by the International Health website Medical News Today, husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend do some such activities for pleasure during physical relationship, which can prove to be dangerous for them. Actually, between boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife physical relationship It is an absolutely necessary thing. This is something on which the entire edifice of this relationship rests. In this, the satisfaction of one’s companions is also very important, but in the pursuit of this satisfaction, many times the companions do such acts that they can become victims of deadly disease.

Here we are talking about human papilloma virus. In short it is called HPV. It is a virus that infects humans throat cancer may cause. Husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend in passion or trying to give more pleasure to their partner with physical oral sex Let’s install. They usually do this to make their partner feel extreme pleasure. This action is named as oral sex. But a recent research has claimed that during this time a special virus is produced from our private parts which can make you a throat cancer patient.

most infectious virus
According to the report, in America, HPV has been described as the most infecting virus during sexual activity. Doctors say that due to this virus your whole life can be ruined. if you Sexual act If you become a victim of sex-related illness, then apart from satisfying your partner, you may also face difficulties in having a physical relationship. In such a situation, doctors constantly warn you that you should follow proper hygiene and protection while making physical relations.

Doctors have studied the relationship between oral sex, HPV and throat cancer. It was found in this study that oral sex does not directly cause throat cancer, but it significantly increases the risk of HPV infection. Actually, HPV makes such changes in our body cells that after some time they turn into throat cancer. Along with this, if you consume alcohol and smoke, then this risk increases significantly in you.

Now the question arises that how safe is oral sex? Actually, husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend do this to give each other extreme pleasure, but there are many risks in doing so. You are inviting diseases. In view of this risk, HPV vaccine is available in all countries of America and Europe. After getting this vaccine, the chances of a person becoming a victim of HPV infection are greatly reduced.

HPV and Cancer
HPV infection does not directly cause oral cancer. Due to this virus, we become victims of sexually transmitted disease (STD). These viruses infect our body cells. According to the report, this virus has been found responsible for 70 percent of throat cancer cases in America. This cancer starts from the human throat and spreads to our tongue.

HPV infection treatment
As far as the cure of this infection is concerned, research has claimed that after being detected in the beginning, this virus can be eradicated with two years of treatment, but if you smoke or take drugs, then you will have this virus. There may be a problem in eliminating the virus. Immune cells get damaged in the skin inside the throat of smokers or drug addicts.

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