Drinking milk daily before sleeping at night can be harmful! learn how

Milk is one of the most important sources of protein which has been a topic of debate in the last decade. Most people do not want to include milk in their diet. Especially those who cannot digest it properly. It is generally said that drinking warm milk before sleeping helps in sleeping better. However, there are many different views in this too. Some doctors believe that even drinking milk every night is not good for health.

Palaniappan Manikkam, an Indian-origin doctor in California, USA, has told in an Instagram post why milk should not be drunk before sleeping at night. Dr. Manikkam has told in a video that people above 30 years of age become deficient in lactase enzyme.

Why should not drink milk
In a video, he said, there is an enzyme called lactase in the small intestine which breaks down lactose like glucose and galactose present in milk into small pieces so that they can be absorbed easily. He said that lactase enzyme is present in the body in children which helps them to digest milk faster. However, after 5 years, the production of lactase in the body starts decreasing.

At the age of 30, the production of lactase becomes zero. Without this, milk directly reaches the large intestine and bacteria can cause indigestion. He advised that one should not drink milk before sleeping as it may lead to indigestion. He also said that, even if you do not have digestive complaints, do not drink milk just before sleeping, otherwise it will affect your belly fat.

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