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Disney cinderella story in hindi In childhood, we have heard many fairy tale stories from grandmother and grandmother. Out of which the story of Cinderella used to be our favorite. Every girl is waiting for her prince charm, who will come in a white mare and take her away. Since childhood, we girls grow up seeing these dreams. Cinderella was also such a girl, who had been waiting for her prince since childhood. Despite living in bad circumstances, compulsion, he did not stop dreaming of this. A shift comes in Cinderella’s life, which changes her life, reuniting her with her prince. Let’s take you to the fairy world today, introduce you to Cinderella and her prince.

disney princess cinderella story

Disney cinderella story in hindi

main character of the story

  • cinderella
  • Prince
  • Merchant (Cinderella’s father)
  • cinderella’s stepmother
  • cinderella’s half-sisters
  • sorceress

Disney Cinderella story (Disney cinderella kahani)-

Once upon a time. There used to be a merchant in some state. The merchant had a little daughter, whose name was Ella. Ella was a very sweet and kind child. Her father loved her very much and took care of all her needs. But one thing was missing in Ella’s life was her mother who had left her and went to God’s house. To make up for this lack of Ella, her father got married for the second time. Ella’s new mother had two daughters. She was very happy that she had got a sister along with her mother. Both sisters were very proud, but Ella loved them and loved her new mother very much.

Ella’s happiness did not last long. One day when his father went from work to another city, he never came back. On Ella, it was as if the mountain of difficulties had broken. As soon as the father’s shadow rose from his head, his mother and sisters became the mistress of his house and started treating Ella like servants. They fired all the servants in the house and now Ella would do all the household chores. His sisters even snatched his room from him and left him to live in a cell. Ella would wear her sisters’ old clothes and shoes. Worked for him all day. Sometimes Ella would get so tired that she slept near the fireplace. Often when Ella woke up in the morning, the ashes (cinder) of the fireplace would lie on her. Her sisters used to tease her by calling her Cinder-Ella and thus her name was Ella. cinderella Done.

One day it was announced in the state that there is a big event in the palace and all the girls of the state have been called so that the prince can marry the girl of his choice. All the girls of the state were very happy and excited. Cinderella and her sisters were also desperate to try their luck. But then her stepmother did not like this happiness of Cinderella and she refused to let Cinderella go to the palace. Poor Cinderella went back to her work sadly and wondered what her sisters would be doing at this time and what the prince would look like.

Cinderella and Angle

When Cinderella was lost in these thoughts, then a sorceress came there. He saw Cinderella sad and wanted to help her. Cinderella told the whole thing to the sorceress. The sorceress said to Cinderella, “Oh! Dear Cinderella, I can help you. Saying this, the sorceress turned her wand and turned a large pumpkin lying there into a wagon. At the same time, four rats were jumping, when the sorceress caught sight of them, she turned the rats into horses. Now a coachman was needed. The sorceress looked around and saw a frog and turned it into a coachman. Cinderella was surprised to see all this when the sorceress turned to her and twirled her magic wand, and in the blink of an eye, Cinderella’s dirty and tattered clothes became clean and beautiful. The broken sandal was replaced by a beautiful glass shoe on his feet. Now Cinderella was ready to go to the palace. The sorceress said farewell to Cinderella, “Daughter, make your wish come true, but remember all this magic will be over at 12 o’clock.

Cinderella and his prince charm

When Cinderella reached the palace, everyone’s eyes started seeing her. She was looking very beautiful. When the prince wanted to dance with her, Cinderella’s half-sisters as well as all the girls present there started getting jealous of Cinderella. But no one could recognize Cinderella. On seeing her, the prince had decided that he would marry this girl. Cinderella also got so immersed in the eyes of the prince that she could not remember the witch’s words. Suddenly it was 12 o’clock. As soon as the bell rang, Cinderella remembered that at 12 o’clock the magic was to end. Cinderella ran away without saying anything to the prince. She did not want the prince to see her in her old, dirty clothes and hate her. While running away, a glass shoe of Cinderella was left in the palace itself, which the prince picked up. The prince tried hard to find Cinderella but she was nowhere to be found. Everyone asked the prince to forget her but the prince was unable to forget Cinderella.

After all, it was announced in the whole state that the prince would marry the girl on whose feet that shoe would come. There was a storm in the state. Every girl wanted to marry the prince. All the girls started telling themselves to be the mistress of that glass shoe. After going to the house of the girls, they were put on shoes but none of them got it. At last it was the turn of Cinderella’s sisters. Both tried every effort to wear shoes but to no avail. Now all eyes stopped on Cinderella. When Cinderella put it on, the shoe fell on her foot as if it was made for her. Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters are shocked and upset. No one expected that beautiful girl could be Cinderella.

When the prince asked Cinderella for marriage, Cinderella happily said yes. The very next day, with great fanfare, Cinderella got married to the prince. Prince and Cinderella were very happy with each other and loved each other very much. Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters, on the other hand, had to leave the kingdom as a punishment for ill-treating Cinderella.

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