China is the biggest threat to the West, warns US-UK intelligence agency

Beijing. The chiefs of the US and UK intelligence agencies FBI and MI5 have warned about China. He said that China is the biggest threat to Western countries for a long time. China is planning to rob our secrets and wants to steal technology.

Both the intelligence chiefs have come together for the first time and have warned the world about the growing threat of China. British intelligence agency MI5 chief Ken McCallum said- ‘Our spies are doing 7 times more investigations in China than in 2018. The Chinese Communist Party is interested in the democratic, media and legal systems of other countries for its own benefit.

Here, FBI Chief Chris Ray said- ‘The Communist Party of China is rapidly moving towards a monopoly. This is the biggest challenge for us. China is trying to steal our technology. Intends to capture our business and market as well.

China denies the allegations
Beijing has denied the allegations, calling them completely baseless. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Britain said in a statement- ‘The so-called cases about which the warnings have been made are baseless. To tarnish China’s political system, they are spreading all kinds of lies about China. By doing this they are provoking anti-Chinese and Chinese boycott sentiments.

This is not the first time that a country has warned about China. There are many reasons due to which China remains a threat to the world. Whether it is the issue of Hong Kong or the issue of human rights of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. Or border dispute. Due to these reasons, China is getting surrounded from all sides of the world.

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