China: Corona created a ruckus! people begging for medicine; Long queue in the crematorium too, see the situation


The situation in China seems to be getting worse due to Corona.
In a viral video, a man can be seen sitting on his knees asking for medicine.
There is a long queue of cars outside the cemetery in Beijing.

Beijing. Restrictions imposed to prevent the infection of Kovid-19 in China have been relaxed after heavy protests. After this the situation is getting worse. Since the beginning in China, the situation has been very bad due to Corona. In October, the video of asking for rice was widely shared on Chinese social media. Now once again a video from China is going viral, where a man can be seen asking for medicine.

The video being shared on Twitter is quite viral on China’s social media platform Tiktok. In the video, a person can be seen asking for medicine at a medical store. In the video, the man is wearing a black jacket and sitting on his knees asking for medicines from the people coming and going to the medical store. However, it is not known further in the video whether he gets the medicine or not. Which area of ​​China the video is from, it has not been confirmed at the moment.

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