chhath puja hindi poetry

Chhath Puja Hindi Poem ( Chhath Puja Kavita Poem In Hindi)

India is a country of festivals where religion has its own importance. In Chhath Puja, the Sun God is worshiped and greeted. The biggest source of energy is the sun, which has special significance in our life. In our country it is taught to be grateful, in which we are grateful for everything that has contributed in our life, in the same way, through Chhath Puja, we thank the Sun God. This is one reason why we Indians are emotional, we get a sense of tenderness from our religion and this feeling makes us from heart to each other and this feeling tells us the importance of every living and non-living thing related to life.

Chhath Puja Hindi Poem (Chhath Puja Poem In Hindi)

The sun god is worshipped,
One who earns life.

In whose light there is happiness and peace,
With whose energy the particles bloomed.

I salute him wholeheartedly.
Which gives us healthy life.

Chhath Puja is its hospitality,
Best wishes to all.

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