Chaulai Chana Ki Bhaji Recipe: Make red amaranth and chana ki bhaji for dinner with less oil and spices

Chaulai Chana Ki Bhaji Recipe: Saag is liked by most of the people, but children refuse to eat it. If your child does not even eat greens full of nutritious properties and you want to include it in his diet at any cost, then today we tell you such a way to make greens, which your children will also eat with their liking. There is neither much spice nor oil in red amaranth and gram bhaji. Chana is also considered a better source of protein. In such a situation, today we tell you the recipe of this dish.

The greens of amaranth are good for the eyes and some light. It also gives energy to the body. Along with this, by eating greens, hair remains good, the problem of constipation is reduced and immunity is better. Knowing these benefits, surely you will also include Chaulai greens in your and family’s diet. Let’s know that the red amaranth and the wonderful gram bhaji, which are prepared in a hurry.

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Red amaranth – kg
Chana soaked overnight – 1 bowl
Garlic – 5 to 6 cloves
Green chili – 2 finely chopped
Coriander Powder – 2 tsp
Asafoetida – tsp
Ajwain – tsp
Mustard oil – 3 tbsp
Salt – as per taste

How to make Lal Chaulai and Chana Bhaji
Put the soaked chain in the cooker overnight and apply a whistle. Break the amaranth leaves and chop them finely and wash them. Make sure that there is no soil in the amaranth, otherwise the taste will get spoiled. Heat mustard oil in a pan and add carom seeds to it. After a minute, add finely chopped garlic and green chilies. After frying for 2 minutes, add greens and cover the pan. Keep the gas flame high.

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Keep stirring the greens occasionally, so that it does not burn. When the greens start to melt, then add salt and boiled gram to it. Now cook the saag without covering it. When the water of greens starts drying, then add coriander powder and asafoetida to it. After roasting the greens well, turn off the gas. If you like the greens a little wet, don’t let the water dry out completely. Apart from roti, it can also be served with lentils and rice.

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