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Is your mobile also stolen? so you this Government Mobile Tracking App With the help of this, you can track your mobile and keep whatever data is in that mobile, for this you can keep it safe. Ceir App Download Will have to do

You must have known this very well that IMEI Number is used for mobile tracking, so by using this number, you can save your money. Lost / Stolen Mobile Track You can, anyway, this is an app made by the Department of Telecommunications, so you can trust it.

You can also use this app while buying an old phone like many times Second Hand Phone Buy If you do, there is also a fear in it that if it is a stolen phone, then you can also get caught in this affair, by using Ceir App, you can find out whether the phone is stolen or not.

ceir app download

What is Ceir App?

You must have already known that Ceir App is a Government Mobile Tracking App. Center for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) Created by and full form of Ceir Central Equipment Identity Register it happens.

Although Google has made Android Device Manager to do mobile tracking, but this Ceip App is considered to be many times better than that.

If any person’s mobile is stolen in your information, then you can tell them to use this app, with the help of this you can easily find both Android and iPhone types of mobiles.

When was Ceir App launched?

If you want to find your stolen phone, then for that you have to use this Ceir App and it is made for both Android & Iphone operating system, this app for Android mobile was launched on 28 August 2018. was.

Even if you do not have a smartphone, you can still track Lost / Stolen Mobile using Ceir, for this you can use their web portal or even use SMS IMEI No. can be blocked.

Ceir App Features:-

There are some such features in Ceir App about which you must know, it can also be a very little thing for you because mobile has become the most important thing in today’s time, all our work is done in mobile only.

If the mobile is stolen or lost even by mistake, then it can be a big problem, that is why you must know about all the features of this app.

  • When your mobile is stolen you can easily track it using this app.
  • If you want that you do not make any wrong use of whatever data is lying in your phone, for that you can lock your mobile even after it is stolen.
  • When you get your mobile later, it can also be easily unblocked with the help of mobile number.
  • Before buying any second hand phone, you want to find out whether this phone is stolen or not, you can do IMEI Verification for this.

How to Download Ceir App?

Friends, now comes the most important thing that how to download Ceir App, if you go to Google Play Store to download this app, then you may not be able to download it because it has been uploaded on Play Store under some other name. .

Let us know what will have to be done to download it, here we have told for both Android & Iphone devices.

Step 1:- First of all you visit its official website (https://www.ceir.gov.in) but this can prove to be a great website for you.

Step 2:- Now scrolling down a bit on the same homepage, you will find the section where it is written to download Ceir App, click on it.

Step 3:- If you want to download for Android Mobile, then click on the Play Store icon and for Iphone Device you will have to scan the Bar Code given there.

So in this way you can download Ceir App in your mobile, and those who want to download this app on Play Store in Android Mobile. “KYM – Know Your Mobile” You can search by typing.

At the top you will get the same app, then you can download and use it on your mobile.

How to track mobile with Ceir App?

It is very easy to track Lost / Stolen Mobile with this app, after the phone is stolen, you will have to get a Police Complaint or FIR, but at the same time you can also block your mobile, with the help of which you can get what you want in your mobile. There is also data so that all of them can be safe.

find lost mobile

For this, we have given some important steps below, you can follow them and put a request to track your lost mobile.

  • For this you have to go to the official website of Ceir.
  • There in the menu “Ceir Services” click on “Block Lost / Stolen Mobile”.
  • After this a form will open in which you will have to give your mobile IMEI number, mobile number, FIR copy given by the police, Aadhar card etc.
  • After this an OTP will come on the mobile number you entered.
  • After verifying it, your request will be submitted.

After this, your phone track will be started by the Department of Telecommunications and your mobile will be blocked immediately so that your mobile data can be safe.

Now you know very well that every day how many mobiles are stolen, all have to be tracked, that is why it may take some time, if you want to know your request status, then you were given a request number. .

You can go to Ceir Services and open Check Request Status, fill your request number there and click on Submit, in this way you can know the status of your Lost / Stolen Mobile.

Now you know that when your mobile is found, then how to unblock it? This work is also very simple.

  • You again go to the same website i.e. the official website of Ceir.
  • Then in Ceri Services Unblock Found Mobile Click on
  • Now here you have to write your Request ID, Mobile Number, Reason for Unblocking.
  • An OTP will be sent to the mobile number you entered, verify it.
  • Now you will be given a Secret Code, as soon as you write it in your mobile, your mobile will be Unblocked.

So in this way you can track or block any stolen one using Ceir App.

Advantages of Ceri App:-

  • With the help of this app, you can track any stolen phone.
  • If you have personal data in your mobile then you can block your mobile.
  • Using IMEI Verification, you can tell whether the phone is stolen or not.
  • This app is absolutely free, for this you do not need to take any Premiuim Membership.

Disadvantages of Ceri App:-

  • Now many mobiles are stolen every day, that is why it takes a lot of time to track the mobile.
  • Right now only IMEI verification can be done in Ceir App, it would have been better if Lost / Stolen Mobile Track could be done.

Ceir App Alternatives

Do you also want to know about the app that works similar to Ceir App, although it works very well but there are some other apps that you can use.

  1. Google Find My Device
  2. Wheres My Droid
  3. Lost Android
  4. Find My Phone: Find Lost Phone

These are some 4 apps that work the same as Ceir App, if you ever want to download its alternative then you can download the above mentioned app.

Final Words:-

Friends, I hope that you will find this article written by us in which we have told you how to track mobile from Ceir App Download, Ceir App Features or Ceir App? Information has been given about this, you must be aware about it.

Because whenever you need, you can easily track Lost / Stolen Mobile, if you have any question or suggestion, then you can tell by writing in the comment box below.

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