Business of making signage boards. This business is flourishing a lot these days.

Signage Board Business Plan in Hindi: Signage board plays an important role in marketing and branding. In the present scenario every small and big organization put up various types of signage boards outside their office, outside the shop, outside the factory, outside the hospital, outside the college. So that visitors and others can easily enter the name of their organization or company in the premises.

Although many materials like Exteded Polystrene (EPS), Glass etc. are also used as sign boards. But the most popular material currently used to make such boards is acrylic. That’s why today we are going to talk about making acrylic sign board through this article of ours.

Acrylic signage boards are long lasting as they are waterproof as well as weatherproof. Which means that there is no adverse effect of water and weather on it. These boards can be easily made as per the choice of the customer with variations like transparent, opaque, router cut etc.

This material allows light to enter, which is why the letters printed on acrylic signage can be easily seen even in mist etc. Its smoothness and clarity give signage a facelift.

Where are signage boards consumed? (Uses of Signage Board):

Acrylic sign boards are presentation boards, on which acrylic words and designs of different colors and sizes are used to make them very attractive. These sign boards are used by companies and organizations to fulfill their branding and marketing needs.

The specialty of acrylic signage boards is that they can be easily taken anywhere, and can be easily processed with header panels, designed panel sheets and posters. Almost all types of signage boards are completely provided by visiting the customer’s site.

If we talk about this material, then it is a great element of traditional glass. This is the reason why osca is used extensively as lobby signage, directional signage and architectural signage. At present, 3D letter signage board is also being demanded in large quantity by the organizations and companies, which looks more amazing than the normal letter.

Since presently every company and organization is in the race to get ahead of its competitors, and marketing and branding play an important role in this race. Ever since the liberalization of economic policy in India, domestic market has also witnessed stiff competition for selling every small and big consumer goods.

And if organizations and companies are to survive this competition then they need to advertise their business. Signage board is the most important link in offline marketing. Not only for advertising but for their branding etc., almost all the organizations and companies put up a signage board with the name of their company in front of their office.

How to start a business of making signage boards

How to Start Signage Board Business in Hindi : In the present scenario when the number of industries are continuously increasing in the country. And the competition in the trade of every good and service is also increasing continuously. In such a situation, companies continue to require acrylic signage boards.

In such a situation, starting this type of business can prove to be extremely beneficial for any aspiring entrepreneur. But since this type of work also requires special skills, so let us know how an aspiring person can start such a business.

Assess Required Skills

The task of making acrylic signage board is not so easy that even a novice person can make it easily. Because making acrylic letters, coloring and designing them according to the company’s logo etc. is such a task that only such a person can accomplish it. Who should have experience with full knowledge of this type of work.

Therefore, any entrepreneur who wants to start his business of making signage, he has to first assess his knowledge and experience towards this work. If he has no knowledge or experience of this job, then first of all he should consider getting training in it.

If you want to get training Government programs like skill development scheme Or can enroll under any other skill development programme. Apart from this, if you want, you can start this type of business after taking all kinds of information related to this business by doing a job in a signage making company for a few months or a year.

Choose the right location in the right city

Since in this business you are going to have companies related to the corporate world as your customers. That’s why we do not consider it such a business that we can start it from anywhere. Rather, the business of making signage can be successfully run in some selected cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad etc. where the number of industries is more.

Therefore, the entrepreneur has to choose a suitable city and choose a suitable location there. However, in a city where there is a plethora of industries, this type of business can be started in any market or other area of ​​that city.

Obtain the required licenses and registrations

Keep in mind that in this business you need to deal with companies and other organizations only. And as an individual your customers will be few or no. And companies always prefer to deal with a registered enterprise. Therefore, if you want, in the initial phase, you can register your business under One Person Company or Partnership Firm.

Apart from company registration, you GST registration as tax registrationPAN card, current account with the bank and to identify your enterprise as a small enterprise to register an enterprise may also be required. Trade license may also be required from local body like Municipal Corporation, Municipality etc.

Buy necessary machinery and raw materials

In order to make your own acrylic signage business, apart from skills, you also need a variety of raw materials and machines. It may be that the vendors who sell the machine, you may also get the raw material for it from them.

Before buying machine and raw material, the entrepreneur should ask for their quotations from various suppliers, and then analyze them. The analysis should not be based only on the price, it should be the brand of machine, production capacity, warranty/guarantee, maintenance service, after sales serviceshould be based on factors like quality.

You can also use online platforms like Indiamart, TradeIndia to find suppliers of machine and raw materials. Following is the list of possible machinery and raw materials involved in this business.

raw material

  • acrylic sheet
  • aluminum composite panel
  • led
  • mix of colors
  • glue for sticking
  • power supply driver

machinery and equipment

  • channel bending machine
  • cnc router machine
  • UV Curring Machine

recruit employees

There are very few businesses that can be easily run by just one person. But unfortunately the business of making signage boards is not included in this. To start this business you need at least one machine operator, one helper and one marketing and sales person. Although it depends on your business plan, whether you need more employees than this or not.

The machine operator on whom you are going to put the responsibility of making the signage board on receipt of the order, you should only appoint an experienced person in that post. You can also hire a fresher as a helper and sales person. Try that whatever final deal you have with customers, it should be through you only.

place order and manufacture

Visit almost all the offices available in that city, whether government or private, in the city where you have started your signage board making business. And the concerned department is generally the responsibility of the administration department for such work. But the marketing department can also be responsible for getting such work done in an office.

You have to go to every office and meet the officials of the departments concerned, and know about your work and their requirement. If they don’t want any signage to be made at that time, it doesn’t matter, you can leave your visiting card with them.

If an organization has set up a Central Procurement Team (CPT) to buy anything, you will have to meet them and leave your visiting card. Because whenever companies buy any goods, they must ask for quotations from at least three or four vendors for it.

So if you have left your visiting card with them, they will definitely call you when needed. You will be able to manufacture the signage board only when you receive the order from your customer.

The process of making signage boards is very easy with the help of the above mentioned machines. First you are shown by the customer the place where the signage board is to be made. After that the measurement of that place is taken by the entrepreneur. Taking measurements, the entrepreneur comes to his office.

Signage Board Business in Hindi: Now the entrepreneur has to prepare the design in the computer according to the customer’s design and words. And it has to be printed out on a special sheet. Channel bending machine is used to mold the acrylic letter as per the design. And then CNC router machine is used to cut these letters.

After the letter is cut to the required design, the words are then placed in the UV Curring Machine for about 2 hours. And after that they are ready to be taken to the client’s site.

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