Business Idea 2022: Start pickle making business in just ₹ 10000, earn ₹ 30000 every month, know how

In today’s world of inflation, the amount of money that a person has is less, every time something is left somewhere which is not fulfilled due to lack of money.

Even if a person normally does a job, then his monthly income may sometimes fall short. In such a situation, how if there is another means of coming?

Today we have come for you with a new business idea from which you can easily earn enough money to fulfill your requirement.

Earned thousands of rupees from the business of pickle:-

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that you can earn relatively money from the business of ethics. Which you would not have even imagined.

Pickles help in enhancing the beauty of our daily food. Our food becomes very tasty with pickle. There will hardly be anyone who has not tasted the taste of pickle till date.

The pickle is prepared by the mother housewife or with her own hands and with her love. Due to which the taste of this pickle increases even more.

If you start the business of making pickles, then you can earn a good profit of about ₹ 20000 from it.

How pickle business can give you profit:-

As everyone knows that now the modern era has arrived. Where there is no special difference between man and woman. Now every work that a man does, a woman is also capable of doing.

Now the woman is not confined to the door frame of the house. Now she also works and thinks about making her future bright. They are neither interested in doing household chores nor do they have enough time for it.

And it takes a lot of time to make food stuff like pickles. From time to time, it has to be kept in the sun, special care has to be taken of the amount of oil, spices, salt etc.

In this situation, people prefer not to make pickles but to buy ready-made pickles. In such a situation, if the business of pickles is started, then it will not be a loss-making deal.

Capital employed in the business of ethics:-

It is natural that any business or startup requires capital. Capital is also required to start this business of ethics.

With an investment of about ₹ 10000, you can easily start your own business of ethics.

For your information, let us tell you that if you invest ₹ 10000 in this business, then you will get a profit of double or more than this. The scope of loss in the business of ethics is almost negligible.

Can I get financial assistance from anywhere:-

Yes, if you want to start a business of pickles, then you can definitely get financial assistance from the government.

Today’s youth are eager to get a job by reading and writing, as a result of which the problem of unemployment is increasing in the country. Because everyone’s mindset is to get a job by reading and writing.

There are very few people who want to set up their own business. Keeping this problem in the middle, the Modi government has encouraged those people who want to set up their own business.

Our government wants that the number of jobseekers in our country should be less and the number of job givers should increase.

Can anyone do this pickle business:-

Yes, absolutely anyone can do the business of making pickles. You can easily build it in your home. If the housewife of the house takes interest in this business, then she will definitely like this arrangement because she is skilled in these tasks and can easily do it in her home.

If we talk about selling these products, then she can send the products made by her to the wholesaler.

A license is required for this business. Which can be easily obtained from the Food Safety and Standards Authority. Apart from this, you can apply online for this.

How to advertise your product:-

The most important thing is that how can you know about the product made by you. Because there are already many products available in the market. In such a situation, how can you tell people that what is the quality of your product.

So don’t worry, today we will tell you some ways to advertise your pickle.

  • You can advertise your product in the newspaper.
  • Posters or banners can be put up.
  • You can provide information about your product by visiting homes.
  • You can get advertisement of your product in TV.

You may have liked one or two of these remedies, but it will cost a lot of money. So after all, what to do?

Be Fikre, we are going to tell you a very simple and effective solution, so read carefully.

  • First you should advertise your product in your local area, then gradually take your business to other areas.
  • You will not have to put up posters or advertise on newspapers. It can cost a lot of money.
  • You will need some glass jars.
  • Fill the pickle made by you in it.
  • And write the name of your business on all those Jats and also write that it is only a trial product.
  • Which is completely free, this information has to be written in such a way that no one can remove or hide this information.
  • Then give these jars to your nearest shops and market shops and wholesalers.
  • Along with this, you can also give them some tips or commission if you want.
  • Every place where you have given your pickle jars, customers keep coming and they can taste your pickles for free.
  • Once the customers like the taste of your pickle then you are half done.
  • Then you can set the price of your pickle and send it easily.


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