Building Materials Rate : From bricks, bars, cement to sand, the wait is over now?

Building Materials Rate : From bricks, bars, cement to sand, the wait is over now? Do you live in a rented house till now and want to know when you can get rid of the rent of that rented house. So the moment has come to get your dream home built and ready. At the earliest, you should build such a house whose roof is yours and the land is yours too.

We are saying this because right now the prices of all the materials that make up the house have come down indiscriminately. In this article, we are going to tell you further that which ingredients have decreased by how much? And why did you come? If you will get information about all these here, then read this article of ours till the end.

Building Materials Rate

Those who have been thinking for years that they have to build a house, now their wait is over. Now build your dream home. Because all the building materials Like bars, cement bricks, tiles to sand The prices of all materials have come down. Why has this happened? How much has it fallen? We are going to give you further information about this, so stay with us.

Every person has a dream that he has his own house to have his own roof, for which he keeps some part of his hard earned money every year by adding every penny so that he too can build his own house. Most of the middle class families and people from poor families live in rented house but they get tired of paying rent for rented house but they can neither get land nor roof which they can call their own. For these reasons people build their own house so that they can live comfortably in their house.

Know the reason, why the rates of building materials fell?

If you are thinking of building a house or you have started building a house and the construction work is going on then there is good news for you. This is a golden opportunity to build a house as soon as possible. Because the prices of all building materials have come down drastically. The reason for this is the rainy season, due to the rain all the construction work has been stopped now. because of

The demand for building materials has come down. And due to the lack of demand, the sales of the shopkeepers have come down, so now the prices of all the building materials have been reduced so that the demand of the people increases.

The second reason for the decrease in the prices of building materials is the increase in the export duty on steel by the government, due to which the prices of steel products have fallen sharply in the domestic market. Let us tell you that the prices of cement, sand, bars, bricks, tiles, dust steel etc. have fallen since the last few weeks, so take advantage of this opportunity and start building your house, your house will be ready even in less money. And you will save a lot.

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Which items of Building Materials have declined by how much? let’s go into detail

In this era of inflation, it becomes very difficult for a person to build his own house. Just a few weeks ago, the prices of building materials had increased so much that it became very difficult for the common people to build houses. But now there is some relief news for those people who we have brought today.

Here we will tell you one by one, which items of building materials have declined so much? And what was their price before?

Cement prices fall

Cement which holds two bricks together and due to the addition of the same cement, our house becomes strong. Building a house without cement cannot be imagined. Let us tell you that a few weeks ago the price of cement sacks had increased significantly.

Ambuja cement The price was ₹ 440 but now it has come down to ₹ 390 sack. ACC cement The cost of which was ₹ 425 sacks but now it has come down to ₹ 375 sacks. Same UltraTech cement The price was ₹ 415 but now it has come down to ₹ 360 sack, so start building your dream house as soon as possible.

The fall in the prices of iron rods

The prices of bars have also seen a fall in the last few weeks. In April-May, the prices of bars had increased a lot. but since monsoon season Since then, there has been a decline in the prices of Syria.

According to the data of the Ministry of Steel, the price of bars in April-May was ₹ 85000 per ton, i.e. ₹ 85 kg but a few weeks ago Jindal iron rod The price had gone up to ₹ 75000 per ton but now it has come down to ₹ 65000 per ton i.e. ₹ 65 per kg has come, so this is the right opportunity to start buying as soon as possible.

Bricks prices also decreased

A house is built by joining each brick. You can get your house built in the comfort of less money now. If you cannot get it made now, then you can buy and store all the goods because Building Materials There has been a decline in all things, so the prices of bricks have also seen a fall. A few months back the price of bricks made of clay was running at ₹ 10 per brick.

But a few weeks ago, the prices of bricks continued to fall. In April-May, the price had increased to ₹ 10. In August, it was ₹ 9 to ₹ 8 and now its price has reached ₹ 7 per brick. If you take 1000 bricks then you have to pay ₹7000 at present.

That is, if you buy it a few weeks ago, then you will get ₹ 10000 for 1000 bricks. So this is a golden opportunity for you guys to build a house.

Sand prices fall

Sand prices have not come down as much as you would expect. Because of the increase in the water of all the rivers due to rain, due to which sand is a bit difficult to remove, the rain has not had a significant effect on the price of sand.

Although some prices have come down, a few weeks ago sand prices were at Rs 1400 per tractor. But now it has come down to Rs 1200 per tractor. So you will save only ₹ 200 per tractor.

Thus, there is a good fall in all the materials of Building Materials, so this is a good opportunity for you to start building your dream house quickly.


Building Materials Rate: From bricks, bars, cement to sand, the wait is over now? Here in this article, you have been told that there has been a decline in which materials of building construction, and the reasons for this decline have also been given to you here.

If you are thinking that it is a bit risky to build a house in this season, then it does not matter that you buy all the building materials for building your house now. Because this is a good opportunity to build a house.

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