Brick Production Business : Start Brick Making Business And Earn Rs 3-5 Lakhs A Month?

Brick Production Business Brick is used to make a building. Construction work is very important in the development of cities, that is why you can try your luck in this business, so if you want to know that How to start brick making business? So this article is very beneficial.

The process of running a brick business is very easy, interested people can run this business in a very simple way because this business gives more profit in less cost.

Brick Production Business: How To Start Brick Making Business?

The demand for bricks is increasing day by day in today’s generation because with the increasing population people are also starting to build houses more rapidly, without bricks it is impossible to build a house, so the purchase of bricks for the construction of houses is more. being made in greater quantity.

If you want to start brick business, then this business will prove to be very profitable for you in future. Nowadays, the purchase of bricks is happening in more and more quantity, due to which the traders of bricks are getting a lot of profit.

1. Plan for Eat Business:-

It is the task of a successful businessman to prepare a proper plan for starting every business. Traders who start their business by taking information about all the details of that business before starting their business, they do not have any loss regarding their business in future.

If you are interested to do the business of bricks and this business is being discussed in your mind, then first of all, you should know all the details of the bricks business and following all those information, you start the business of bricks. By doing this your business will increase day by day.

To get information about the bricks business, contact the people who run the bricks business, they will give you the right information about this business, how the bricks are marketed, the initial cost of making bricks. , cost of machine to bricks etc.

2. Selection of Place:-

Business means business is such a task for which the traders have to choose the place first because if you establish any company, it is necessary to have the necessary space.

Or start any kind of business now, the choice of the first place is important because unless you choose a suitable place for your business, then where will your business go, so choosing a right place for every business Running a business is the first step.

If you are starting a bricks business, then for this you have to find a right place where all the facilities for making bricks like water cement sand etc. are available.

The space should be wide enough from where you can supply your goods easily, there should be no problem in the maintenance of bricks, if you choose this kind of place for your bricks business then this decision will be your right decision.

The place chosen by you should be such that you can contact the customer directly. If you choose such a place, then you can easily provide bricks to the contractors.

3. Raw Material Required:-

To run any type of business, it is very important to buy raw materials according to their requirement because without raw materials that business cannot start, so the raw materials should be bought at the right rate after checking their quality.

If we talk about the business of bricks, then the raw material required to make them is brick, cement, ash etc. Traders should buy all these raw materials at the right prices to start their eight business, it costs more to buy these raw materials. is not required.

4. Briquette Making Machine:-

In today’s era, different types of machines have been made to make any product, which traders make their product by purchasing machines according to their requirement.

In the same way, automatic machines have also been made for making bricks which are available in the market at the right price.

If you are looking to start a bricks business, then for this you need a bricks machine which is known as an automatic machine. It will have to be purchased which costs ₹ 300000 approx. However, in earlier times, the process of making clay bricks was done by hand and then it was made solid by cooking them in the fire.

Ever since automatic machines have been manufactured, people have started making cement, whose demand is very high in today’s generation.

If you want to run your business in a good way, for this you have to buy bricks making machine from the market according to you.

5. Training of brick making business:-

It is very necessary for the traders who start the business of making bricks, because without training they cannot complete the process of making bricks, so it is very necessary for the traders to take training in making bricks.

If you keep artisans for your business, then it is mandatory for those artisans to take training in making bricks.

For those who want to take training, there are many such plants where bricks are made in maximum quantity, you can learn the process of making bricks by visiting such a place.

You start the business only when you complete this training because without learning the process of making bricks, you will not be able to run this business well.

6. Process of making bricks by hand:-

Nowadays cement bricks are made through automatic machines available in the market but there are still some places where bricks are made through artisans, the process of making them is as follows:-

7. Mixing of raw materials in proper proportion:-

All the raw materials required for making cement bricks such as cement clay stone pieces, all these must have a 1.6 ratio, all good quality bricks will be prepared.

8. Mixing:-

The process of mixing is the second step of making bricks, under which the required raw material is mixed in the appropriate amount of water and then the process of mixing is completed by pouring it into the concrete ball.

9. Shaping the Mixture Correctly:-

The mixture of ready-made raw materials is then poured into different types of molds by the artisans to give them the right shape. It is made in different sizes.

In whatever shape the artisans want to make it, according to that, the mixture is poured into the mold, in this way the shape of the bricks is given. After doing all these processes, the mixture put in the mold is kept in the sun for about 24 hours and it should be kept in mind that they should not get too strong wind because the wind can spoil the process of making bricks.

10. Drying of Mixture:-

Eto is dried in the sun for 24 hours, even then there is some deficiency in their mold, due to which it does not dry properly, so dry the mixture put in the mold properly so that a hard can be made.

In this way, bricks can be made easily, if you follow this process, then bricks can be easily made by you too.

Cost to start the business:-

If you are looking to start a brick business, then let us tell you that this business is mainly done in two scales.

First, it can be done in an easy way on a small scale and secondly, many traders do this business on a very large scale, but if you are starting this business on a small scale too, then you have to spend 15 to 200000 rupees. Will happen.

In today’s generation, the rate of everything is increasing. On the other hand, if you are thinking of starting a business on a large scale, then instead of 15 and 20 lakhs, you will have to spend many times more money than this, only then you can do Eid business in maximum coming.

Where to sell bricks?

If you are thinking of opening a brick factory, then when you have manufactured it in maximum number, then you do not need to contact any customer to sell it.

In today’s time more number of houses are being constructed for which contractors themselves go to factories and buy bricks, it will be easy for you to sell this type.

Profit in brick making business:-

Traders get maximum profit in the business of bricks because it is such an essential material without which it is difficult to build a house so people buy it more and more and use it in the construction of their house if you earn 1 in 1 month. Sell ​​a million bricks.

People used to use clay bricks in a very large quantity earlier, but since 2012, the mining of clay was banned by the Supreme Court, due to which after 2012, cement bricks were being manufactured by machine and this brick is still used today. Bought in greater quantities. Which is specially bought tractor by tractor by the contractor.

Why is the demand for cement bricks increasing in the market?

The reason for the increase in the demand of cement bricks in the market is that building a house with cement bricks makes the house strong because cement is used in it, as well as a step containing cement depends on the price of cement, so its rate is also increases.

Ever since the ban has been imposed in the mining of clay by the Supreme Court, then instead of clay bricks, people have started keeping interest in cement bricks and those who want to build their houses often buy cement bricks.


Bricks business is a very successful business because nowadays the demand for bricks is increasing very fast, so if you start bricks business then your business will also run very well.

Today you have gone through this article of ours. Brick Production Business: How To Start Brick Business?

Hope you have got all the information related to brick business through this article of ours.

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