Brake Fail: If the brakes of the car fail in the middle of the journey, do not panic, do this work, you will be safe

By the way, there are many options for security in the car. But if the brakes do not apply when the brakes are applied in a moving car, then everyone gets nervous. At such times, very few people are able to stop the car safely by adopting the right methods. If you also drive a car, then you must have this information. In this news, what steps should be taken if the brakes of the car fail. Giving information about it.

don’t worry at all

If such a situation comes in front of you at any time, then you should not panic. When this happens, instead of panicking, try to stay calm and try to stop the car in the right way. If the brakes of a moving car are not applied, then one should try to bring the car from high gear to first or second gear by gradually reducing the speed of the car.

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press brake repeatedly

Many times the reason for not applying the brakes is that the brakes do not get the right pressure. That’s why one should keep trying to apply brakes again and again. This is because by doing this again and again there is a possibility that the brakes will get the right pressure and again the brakes will start working less but again. The car can be stopped even if the brakes are less than this.

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Do not use reverse gear

Many people think that the best way to stop a car is to engage reverse gear. This will cause the car to go backward instead of going forward, which will stop the car. But this does not happen. Rather, applying reverse gear increases the risk of accident.

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Use lights and horn

Car lights and horn should be used instead of reverse gear. Usually people do not turn on the headlights of the car during the day time and do not use the horn continuously. But if someone continuously uses the horn and headlights of the car, then it comes in the eyes of other drivers. Therefore, if the brakes of the car do not work, then along with the light and horn, use all four indicators of the car, so that other cars will get the signal.

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