Bihar: School turned into liquor! Liquor traders made the school a warehouse of liquor


140 cartons of foreign liquor worth lakhs of rupees recovered from the room of an unfinished school.
This case is of Sansaro Ramrati High School, Khanjahachak of Lalganj police station area.

Hajipur. The Bihar government may make lakhs of claims, but there is a reality other than these claims. Amidst claims of successful implementation of complete prohibition in Bihar, the situation is that foreign liquor is being caught on a large scale in the temple of education. The case is of Lalganj in Vaishali, where fearless liquor traders, showing their high spirits, have turned a school into a liquor warehouse.

The audacity of the liquor traders is such that in order to keep the liquor in the school room, the businessmen broke the lock of the school and locked their lock. The case pertains to Sansaro Ramrati High School located in Khanjahachak Vrindavan village of Lalganj police station area. It is being told that when the ordermaster of the school reached the school in the morning, he saw that the room of the school, which is used for keeping junk, broke the lock of the school in that room and got a new lock.

Adeshpal immediately informed the headmaster and the headmaster informed the local head and others as soon as he reached the school. On his information, the police of Lalganj police station also reached the school. When the lock was opened, a huge quantity of liquor was kept in the room, seeing which the police as well as the local people were stunned. When the police started issuing liquor cartons, a total of 140 cartons were recovered from the liquor room one after the other. The police of Lalganj police station has taken possession of it and has started investigating the matter.

Pawan Kumar Shukla, the headmaster of the school, says that till 1 day ago the lock of the school was closed. Got information that the second lock is locked. After which the police was informed and liquor was recovered from here. Brijesh Singh, Inspector of Lalganj, who reached the spot, said that on the basis of information, the police has reached the school from where liquor has been recovered.

However, in the midst of all this, one thing is certain that the morale of liquor smugglers and criminals in Bihar has increased a lot. It is not possible to bring such a large quantity of foreign liquor that was hidden in the school in a single bag. For this, one big vehicle or two or three small vehicles would have been used. Also, the borders of all the police stations must have been crossed.


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