Bihar: ‘Kannu’s war’ fought for 17 years for 70 rupees, spent 20 thousand… now the court has ordered an FIR

Sheohar: A large number of cases have been pending due to shortage of judges in the courts of Bihar. Due to this the burden of litigation on the state courts is increasing. Due to this, there is delay in disposal of old cases. But when the result of such a case comes, it comes to know that for which the case was being fought, its cost has become manifold. One such case has come to light from Sheohar district, where it took a man 17 years to file a case for an expired medicine of only Rs 70. After 17 years, the court has ordered to register a case in the matter. Meanwhile, 20 thousand rupees were spent by the victim in the prosecution of the case.

this is the case
The case is of Barahi village of Puranhiya block of Sheohar district. In 2005, Surendra Raut, a resident of this village, started having stomach ache. After this Surendra left the house to go to the hospital, but in the middle of the way, a person from the village advised him to take medicine from Nandlal Sah’s medical store. Suffering from pain, Surendra Raut went to the medical store. The honor of the medical store after examination told him that there is a problem of gas in the stomach. So he was given a syrup and some medicine shopkeeper. For this, Surendra gave Rs 70 to the shopkeeper.

Surendra’s health started deteriorating even more after taking the medicine of the drug shopkeeper. When a person from the village saw the label on the vial of the medicine, he told that he has been given the expired medicine. When Surendra Raut went to Nandlal’s medicine shop complaining about this, he was beaten up and driven away. Taking his plea, he went to the local police station but no one listened to him. Surendra Raut, who was wandering from door to door for justice, approached the Sheohar Subdivision Court on 6 October 2005. After 17 years in this case, the decision of the court came on Friday.


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