Biggest Supermoon 2022: Will the world end after ‘Bloodmoon’? Know the misconceptions related to ‘Super Moon’

Is ‘Super Blood Moon’ a Sign of the Holocaust?

In fact some people believe that ‘super blood moon It is a sign of catastrophe and its occurrence is inauspicious. Moon is considered a symbol of peace and coolness and hence its color is white but at the time of ‘Super Moon’ its color becomes red which is a symbol of anger and this anger tells that now the world is about to do catastrophe, The world may end. Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes or droughts will happen on the world and the world will be destroyed.

Gujarat Weather: Due to heavy rains, water filled the railway track, many trains canceled, Western Railway tweetedGujarat Weather: Due to heavy rains, water filled the railway track, many trains canceled, Western Railway tweeted

Moon turning red is a sign of anger!

Moon turning red is a sign of anger!

So at the same time some people believe that we have destroyed nature, so now nature will destroy them, the moon being red means punishing people.

Jaguar attack on the moon!

In the American region, in ancient times, the color change of the moon was associated with the attack of cojaguar. The primitive people believed that the jaguar attacked the moon and now after that it will attack the earth. That’s why it is written in some ancient books that when the ‘Blood Moon’ incident happened, they used to wake up with spears in their hands and the dogs kept barking, so that the jaguars would run away.

the moon gets hurt

the moon gets hurt

So the people of Batamaliba in Togo and Benin of Africa believed that when there is a fight between the sun and the moon, the moon gets hurt and that is why its color becomes red. Therefore, on this day, the ancient people used to celebrate the day of forgiveness by lighting lamps in the house and remove their old grievances. He believed that if the moon can be blown away by a quarrel, then they are common people, so there should be no fight and quarrel between people, but there should be love and friendship.

Book 'Four Blood Moons'

Book ‘Four Blood Moons’

Whereas in the current era the popularity of the term ‘blood moon’ was given by John Hague in 2013. Book ‘Four Blood Moons’ Got it from After which this word became very popular among the common people as well.

Scientists denied everything

However, there is no clear evidence for all the above mentioned things and scientists reject it outright. They believe that any astronomical event should not be associated with auspicious or inauspicious. Actually, the Moon revolves around the Earth and one day when it comes very close to the Earth while revolving, then its size looks very large, which is called ‘Super Moon’.

Because of this the moon is called 'Blood Moon'.

Because of this the moon is called ‘Blood Moon’.

Now, as soon as the moon comes just behind the earth, its color becomes golden or dark red. Because only sunlight reaches it from the Earth’s atmosphere. For this reason it is called ‘Blood Moon’.

Biggest Supermoon will appear

Biggest Supermoon will appear

It is known that the size of the moon visible on July 13 will be the largest, hence it is being called Super BLoodmoon. Significantly, the distance of the Moon from Earth is more than 3 lakh 57 thousand kilometers. People will be able to see the bloodmoon on the night of July 13 at 12:07.

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