Bigg Boss: Shaleen’s parents are scared, revealed in the letter, the son is getting death threats!

In the last episode of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’, there was a fierce fight between MC Stan and Shaleen Bhanot during the nomination task. First there was abusing between the two and then the matter came to a scuffle, but the family members somehow stopped both of them in the middle. During this fight, MC Stan threatened Shaline several times. He even said whether to stay in Mumbai or not? After seeing this form of MC Stan, the users on social media also started criticizing him. But now Shaleen’s parents have asked questions to the channel. He has also mentioned about the security of Shaleen. Along with this, it was also told that Shaleen is getting death threats from the fans (MC Stan) after the telecast of the episode on TV!

Shaleen’s parents wrote a letter

A post has been shared on behalf of Shaleen Bhanot’s parents on her social media account. It reads, ‘Thank you for giving so much love to our son. Shaleen has overcome many challenges and reached here today in the show. I am sure he will emerge from the show after winning the hearts of many. However, we are in tension. We are worried to see that our son received death threats on National TV last night. The fandom continues to receive threats even after the episode. We wonder how is this ok? It is a reality show but at the end of the day it is just for entertainment. Why are we bringing life and death into this and threatening to kill? Our family is really upset and we want to know how this was allowed on National TV? We are worried about our son. There is concern for the safety of our son and the safety of the family. Nothing matters to us more than the happiness and safety of our son….

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Dirty fight between MC Stan and Shaleen happened earlier also

Let us tell you that Shaleen and MC Stan have already had a dirty fight. Even then the reason was Tina Dutta. Shaleen had used such objectionable words even at that time that MC Stan had lost his temper.

The debate started because of Tina Dutta

Something similar happened this time too. When Captain MC Stan nominated Tina Dutta directly, using the special power, Shaleen looked a bit disheveled. He did not directly, but started saying something to MC Stan in a roundabout way. Where was MC Stan also going to sit quietly, he was also narrating to Shaleen equally, but as soon as Shaleen started abusing while showing his eyes, MC Stan also flared up.

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MC Stan openly threatened

After this, MC Stan threatened Shaleen that ‘I will see you outside, I will get you out of the house’. Whether to live in Mumbai or not…. However, as soon as MC Stan started speaking all this, Shaleen fell silent. But a debate broke out on social media about this. Some people said that MC Stan did the right thing, but some say that Shaleen first deliberately teased MC Stan and then later became good that he only said that let’s talk outside, here there is a lot of smoke Used to be. Now it will be interesting to see whose class host Salman Khan will put in this Weekend Ka Vaar.


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