Big change is going to happen in China! The new leaders will uproot the old leaders who took important decisions


Big change can happen in Chinese politics
All eyes are on the country’s senior leader Hu Chunhua
Hu Chunhua has struggled to reach the top leadership of China

Beijing. In the midst of ever-increasing global controversies, the winds of change are visible in China. There is a possibility of some upheaval especially in the top leadership there. Although it does not appear to have any effect on President Xi Jinping, but some changes can be seen in the leadership of the party. Now the question is being raised whether the new leaders will replace and bypass the top decision-making bodies. And will it happen soon?

According to the news of The Economist, this question is being raised at this time because everyone’s eyes in China are on Hu Chunhua, an important person of the country’s ambitious party. Hu has become one of the top leaders of the party after struggling a lot. It is not easy to compete with their story. One of the 6 children of his parents, this man who grew up in poverty is very important today. He was the first person in the country to study at the prestigious Peking University of China. He joined the party and started working in Tibet.

Hu Jintao’s eyes
During that time, Hu Jintao, the president of the local party, caught sight of him. Hu Jintao was one of China’s top leaders in the year 2002. Hu Chunhua was soon made the youngest governor and a member of the party’s central committee. Party people called him ‘Little Hu’ and in the year 2022, he also became the favorite leader of China. It is now almost clear that 69-year-old Xi Jinping will be elected the party’s supreme leader for the third time for the next five years. Its announcement will be made in the meeting of the party to be held in October.

Hu’s height can increase like this
Due to this, the rules of retirement of the party will be broken. Also, Jinping will continue to hold the highest office in the country. He may be the President of the country for a decade or more. Despite this, Hu Chunhua, 59, can join the party’s Politburo Standing Committee. It is the highest leadership committee of the party and now has 7 members. He will be the pre-eminent leader in the sixth generation of his party. Its impact will be on the 25-member politburo and 200-strong central committees.

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