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Properties of Amla juice, benefits and uses for health, hair and skin of eating (Amla Health, Hair, skin Benefits, gun, diet and upayog in hindi)

Amla is a gift given to us by nature, which is very beneficial. Amla contains the highest amount of vitamin C, eating it increases eyesight, stops hair fall. Amla has an important place in the world of Ayurveda, which is used to cure many diseases. Elements present in Amla removes the problem of gas, acid in the stomach, its consumption accelerates the mind, strengthens the heart and lungs, removes skin problems, removes toxic substances from the body, hair growth It is very beneficial in etc. Apart from this, Amla also has many benefits.

Ayurveda uses it for many diseases, Amla contains Vitamin C, Calcium Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin B complex.

Amla’s properties, benefits and uses (Amla ke gun interactions

For hair

Amla is very good for hair, it makes them strong, thick, black and shiny. This is the reason why amla is used in many shampoos and hair products. By eating amla or grinding it and applying it in the hair, the hair gets benefits. Amla has been used for hair for centuries, in India, first hair was washed with Amla Shikakai, later it became shampoo. It reduces hair fall by up to 90%.

Increase eyesight

Gooseberry enhance eyesight plays an important role in. According to a research, it has been found that people who eat amla daily, their eyesight increases. Night blindness, blurred vision, all these problems go away by eating amla. For this, you have to mix a little honey in amla juice and drink it daily.

Supply calcium in the body

Very few people would know about this benefit of Amla. Amla gives a good amount of calcium in our body. Calcium is needed in our body for bones, teeth, hair and nails. For this, you should eat things rich in vitamin C and amla is a big source of it. By eating Amla, the beauty of your body will get four moons.

Metabolic Activity –

By taking protein-rich food, our body always remains fit and healthy. Muscles in the body, cells need a lot of protein to grow. Amla contains a lot of protein, with which we can live forever.

good for women

Amla can give relief from the pain caused by women every month. The minerals and vitamins present in Amla together remove this problem and give relief to women from restlessness. If told, this is a very important element for women, which should be taken daily.

Diabetes –

Amla keeps blood sugar balanced, doctors also diabetic patients Instructs him to eat amla. You can make amla by making murabba, drying it, extracting its juice, making pickle or taking it raw in any form. It is such a fruit, which is beneficial in every form. Amla lowers blood sugar, which means glucose is used by cells in the body for energy. By which Metabolism Increases And you feel empowered.

Remove toxic substances from the body

Amla is such a fruit, which also contains water content. This means that by eating it, the problems caused in urine are removed. And all the toxic elements of the body are removed through urine. Unnecessary salt, acid, water gets removed from the body with the help of urine. It also reduces weight because 4% fat in the body is in urine. Eating amla does not cause all these problems and there is no problem of urine infection and kidney.

Keep the digestive system right

Like other fruits, amla is also rich in fiber. Gas, constipation, diarrhoea, by eating amla relieve diarrhea it occurs. So dry amla is eaten after eating, so that digestion is good.

protect the heart

Amla protects the heart muscle, due to which the circulation of blood throughout the body is done properly. by consuming amla low cholesterol It also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Remove infection

Being antibacterial property, Amla removes many infections. It also increases the immunity in the body. diseases like colds Does not effect in the body.


Aging is removed by the consumption of Amla. I am telling the truth, you should try it and see. Those who eat it every day, wrinkles are removed from their face and you remain young.

Remove the problem of insomnia

Your problem will be removed with Amla. trouble sleeping It is common, for this you start eating amla.

drinking amla juice corona virus A disease like this can also be avoided.

It is said that people understand the matter of the elderly and the taste of amla late. Eating Amla gets rid of all the physical problems. After reading these benefits, you must have understood its benefits. Now include it in your diet from today itself.

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