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Benefits of eating cilantro, harm, for hair, for health, for skin, benefits of seeds, how to eat [Custard Apple Health Benefits, Side Effects in Hindi] (Benefits for Skin, Pregnancy, Hair, Cancer, Babies and Diabetes)

Sitaphal or custard apple is a sub-temperate fruit. It is a fruit of the genus Annoaceae, and its size and the rough bulge of the upper skin of the fruit give it a completely different identity. Its pulp of white color is creamy, wet like curd, and it has black colored seeds. The diameter of this fruit is 8 cm. Its shape is irregular round, heart shaped. The outer shell of this fruit is quite hard and thin. This fruit is mostly from West Indies. Occurs in Central America, Peru, Mexico.

Complete information about Sitaphal

History of Sitaphal (Custard Apple) History,

Sitaphal is mentioned in Paranik legends. It is mentioned in some scriptures that when King Dasharatha had sent Rama to live in the jungles after being infatuated with his wife, at that time Rama used to bring these fruits to Sita. Sita loved this fruit, hence this fruit is called Sitaphal. However, historical truth cannot be proved by the name of Paranik. People associated with botany say that due to the production of this fruit in winter, people call it Sitaphal, there is also a medical reason that excessive consumption of this fruit can also cause cold and that is why people call it Sitaphal. Is.

Types of Custard Apple

There are many types of these fruits –

pink giant ,

Its size is very big and it is the most delicious. This fruit was named after a gentleman living in Pink Australia. Pink monsieur had brought this fruit to Australia.

African Pride ,

It is a ten feet tall tree and the size of the custard apple is also small. It has more seeds than Pink Sitaphal.

lay gold ,

This golden cilantro is quite rare with soft skin. This species occurs around northern rivers.


This species occurs in Israel. Its taste is unique and unique.

Hillary Whitening ,

It is an average size cilantro with soft skin.

Nutritional components of Sitaphal

There are many types of nutritional minerals in Sitaphal. These minerals are very good for the body.

  • Vitamin C – There is an abundance of vitamin C in cilantro, which protects against diseases.
  • Vitamin A- Vitamin A present in cilantro is not only good for the skin and hair, but it is also beneficial for the eyes.
  • Potassium gives you energy.
  • Magnesium balances the pH level of the body
  • Copper cures diarrhea
  • Fiber is used to digest food easily.

Benefits of eating custard apple (Health Benefits of Custard Apple)

to gain weight

If you are worried about your figure, then regular consumption of Sitaphal will enhance your personality. Due to the presence of manganese and sugar in it, it develops your body naturally and there is no harm in it. Consumption of cilantro in regular but controlled quantity will not deform the body even if it increases in weight.

for immunity from diseases

Sitaphal is a good source of natural antioxidant vitamins, it boosts the immune system and with its constant consumption, you can fight with many harmful radical viruses in the body. Many types of diseases can be avoided by its regular consumption.

to avoid heart attack

The potassium and magnesium available in sufficient quantity in Sitaphal is beneficial for keeping the heart healthy. It protects against heart attack. The adequate amount of fiber and protein available in cilantro lowers blood pressure and protects against heart attack by controlling cholesterol.

Weakness away and full of energy

To keep the amount of water in the body ie pH level equal, Sitaphal is an essential diet. Its consumption provides relief in knee pain. The magnesium available in it removes the weakness and laxity of the body.

eye protection

Consumption of cilantro is very beneficial for the eyes, because it balances and enhances the eyesight due to the vitamin A, vitamin C and essential riboflavin available in it. Apart from this, it also provides protection from many eye diseases.

mental anxiety

The neuron related elements available in Sitaphal relax the mental cells. It is a panacea for stress, depression and mental problems.

for teeth and gums

The calcium available in Sitaphal is very beneficial for teeth and gums. Teeth are strengthened by calcium. Gums and teeth are strengthened due to the tan obtained from the outer skin of this tree. Powder is also made from this to keep the teeth clean. People use it even when there is pain in the teeth. The smell of the mouth also disappears after continuously brushing with it.

allergic lesion

Pimple boils caused by the effect of virus or bacteria in the body from the leaves of cilantro or bark of the tree are also cured by this. To make poultice, the bark of its tree is grinded and mixed with salt is applied. Home remedies do a lot of work.

hair protection

You can also protect your hair with cilantro. Make a paste by mixing its seeds with milk. After the paste is ready, apply it on the head. Take care that this paste does not go into the eyes.


Consumption of raw cilantro provides relief in constipation or diarrhea. The pulp of raw cilantro can also be preserved by drying it in the sun. If you are suffering from diarrhea, you can consume its dried pulp by soaking it in water.

at the time of conception

Most of the women during pregnancy are nauseated, vomiting occurs. Consumption of Sitaphal is very beneficial in this condition. This not only stops vomiting, but also provides relief from mental restlessness and also reduces physical laxity. Consumption of cilantro after childbirth increases the amount of milk fed to children. Apart from this, the amount of sugar in Sitaphal is very high so that you can keep your weight balanced in the right amount. There is no harm in this.

to skin

Cinnamon keeps the skin healthy. Because it is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Due to which your skin will always remain soft and beautiful. The antioxidants present in it never allow wrinkles to appear on your skin. Due to this, there are no visible signs of enlargement in your skin. Also maintains the elasticity of the skin. That’s why people like to eat it.

for diabetes

Sitaphal proves to be very helpful in controlling diabetes. The fiber it contains protects you from type 2 diabetes. Sitaphal prevents the increase in sugar level in your body, due to which you reduce the risk of diabetes.

for cancer

A study on cilantro has revealed that such nutrients are found in it, which can prevent cancer. It prevents the development of growing cancer. It contains acetogenin and alkaloids, which inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Due to which you can stop the growing cancer in your body by consuming it.

to lose weight

Sitaphal also proves to be very effective for you to lose weight. This leads to your increasing fat control. Due to which your weight starts reducing easily. People also include it in their diet. If you consume it daily, if you are not able to do it, then definitely do it twice a week, you will see a lot of difference in your weight.

for children

Sitaphal is very good for sharpening the mind of children. It develops the brain cells of children. Due to which the development of children’s brain is very fast, so feed the children with cilantro.

Some other benefits of Sitaphal

  • healthy blood circulation during menstruation
  • Treatment of insect bites by grinding shavings
  • Non-spreading of bacteria by covering wounds with leaves from trees
  • In practice, continuous consumption of cilantro is also beneficial to remove irritability. The vitamin B complex present in it cools your navel and gives relief from mental anxiety.
  • You can also consume it to avoid anemia. By eating it, the blood circulation in your body also remains healthy.
  • Regular consumption of cilantro provides relief from arthritis. This disease of old age makes life very painful, so its consumption is good for older people.
  • Its consumption is necessary to keep the amount of sugar present in the body in balance. Sitaphal does this work by absorbing sugar.

Benefits of cilantro seeds

The benefits of cilantro seeds are many, one of them is the benefits for hair. The oil extracted from its seeds gives different moisture to your hair, which keeps your hair healthy and their growth good. Using its seed oil can get rid of problems like hair fall, dandruff, inflammation in the scalp, etc. It contains Vitamin C, Copper and Iron which helps in making your hair healthy.

eating cilantro Precaution

  • Before consuming cilantro, wash it thoroughly.
  • Eat the peel and seeds carefully while eating. It contains toxic elements.
  • Diabetic patients should not eat it or consult a doctor.
  • For external use, consult an Ayurveda doctor once.

harm from cilantro

  • Fiber is found the most in cilantro. Along with this, iron increases in the body, due to which your stomach problems can increase the most. For example, problems like diarrhea, gas, stomach pain, vomiting etc. can arise. So consume it but staying in quantity will never harm you. Therefore, before consuming, keep in mind that iron is not too much.
  • As much as cilantro is good for health, its seeds are poisonous, because its consumption can cause you many problems, so avoid eating its seeds.
  • If Sitaphal is consumed in excess, then it can lead to problems like cold and flu. So eat it in a limit.
  • People who have allergy problems should avoid consuming cilantro. Because if you use it again and again, then your problem may increase even more.
  • If you have any kind of problem and you are taking its medicine, then first of all you should consult a doctor, only then take cilantro because it may harm you.

Nutrients and amounts present in cilantro

nutrients amount
basic components
protein 5.2g
Water 183g
Ash 1.9 g
total calories 235
calories from carbohydrates 213
calories from fat 6.1
calories from protein 17
total carbohydrate 59g
dietary fiber 11g
fats and fatty acids
total fat 725 mg
Saturated fat 120 mg
monosaturated fat 285 mg
polyunsaturated fat 100 mg
omega-6 fatty acids 100 mg
Vitamin A 15 IU
vitamin C 91 mg
thiamine 275 mcg
riboflavin 283 mcg
niacin 2.2 mg
Vitamin B-6 500 mcg
folate 35mcg
pantothenic acid 565 mcg
calcium 60 mg
Iron 1.5 mg
magnesium 53 mg
Phosphorus 80 mg
potassium 618 mg
sodium 23 mg
zinc 250 mg
Copper 215 mg
selenium 1.5 mg


Q: Which vitamins are found in cilantro?

Ans: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Magnesium etc.

Q: What are the benefits of cilantro seeds?

Ans: The seeds of cilantro are useful for the hair, extracting the oil from it and applying it in the hair makes the hair good.

Q: What are the benefits of eating cilantro?

Ans: By eating cilantro, you will get benefit in reducing diabetes, skin, weight.

Q: What are the disadvantages of Sitaphal?

Ans: This can cause you allergies, stomach problems etc. So avoid this loss.

Q: When should I eat cilantro?

Ans: You can eat cilantro on an empty stomach and even after a meal. Can consume it.

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