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BC sakhi yojana registration online registration, UP banking sakhi – UP bc sakhi registration kaise kare (Business Correspondents (BC) Bank Sakhi, SHG Group, NRLM, Bank Sakhi Ke kam Karya, Full Form, Guideline, Traning)

COVID-19 The epidemic of India has not compelled the citizens of India to give up yet. During this lockdown, the government is also trying its best to reach all types of services in every village and district of the country. issued by the central government prime minister jan dhan accounts In PM JDY, the government has started fulfilling its promise of sending Rs 500 per month for 3 months. Along with this, the government had released ₹ 2000 through DBT fund to every laborer and farmer under MNREGA wages so that they can lead their lives easily by removing the stress of financial problems during this epidemic.

The government had already given instructions that to withdraw money from the bank, people would have to go according to the number of their account number, due to which the rule of social distancing was broken outside each bank as there was a crowd of people to withdraw money. At the same time, the poor farmers and laborers of the village were not able to get any kind of means to withdraw the money received by the government in their account. To solve their problem, the government also took an important step, due to which they have appointed women of BC Self Help Group (SHG) as business corporate for banks to provide financial assistance to every rural household. , which is reaching the homes of every person present in rural areas with the financial assistance given to them.

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Who? hai bank sakhi,

The services of banks are not easily accessible in the rural areas and at the same time the illiterate people there are more able to understand the things related to the bank in detail. To help them, some women have formed a support group called Bank Sakhi in every village place, through which they work to solve the problems related to the bank of every person living in the village. This group consists of many women from each village who work to help the government as per the guidelines of the collector present in the village. A trained bank sakhi is prepared by some trained employees of the government by giving them training for a certain period.

Bank friend’s work

  • Bank opening an account in, If a rural person wants to open his account in any bank branch, then he can directly go to the bank sakhi and get the benefits of government schemes by opening an account in any bank with their help.
  • official benefits of plans, The benefits of all the schemes implemented by the government in rural areas are not easily accessible to the rural members, but the bank friends together make the rural people aware of all those schemes and lead them to get their benefits. .
  • pension:- The work of making pension of every woman and old people present in the rural area and the work of sending the amount of pension received by the government to their homes is also done by them.

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Bank benefits of having friends

  • women independence in, Women living in rural areas are often suppressed due to their society and culture, but due to these bank friends made in every village, a flame of self-reliance has been awakened among women. She is no longer dependent on any other person for most of her work as she has been able to do all her work on her own.
  • monthly revenue, One of her biggest benefits of becoming a Bank Sakhi is that she has joined each bank branch as an employee, due to which she is provided with a monthly income for whatever work she does. With the help of which they are able to run their home easily and at the same time can also do the work related to the bank for a fixed time frame.
  • city traffic avoidance, The biggest advantage of keeping bank friends in rural areas is that the village members do not have to go to the city for small bank related works, due to which they have started saving a lot of time and money.

Bank How are friends giving their contribution in the epidemic,

During the pandemic of Kovid-19, the relief amount that has been distributed by the government to the farmers, laborers and women having PMJDY account in banks. The work of taking that amount to every rural person to their home is being done by these rural sakhis. Due to this process, every person living in rural areas is helped in maintaining social distancing and at the same time, both their time and labor is saved by providing financial assistance at their doorstep.

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sakhis These things are being taken care of by

  • Along with distributing the amount provided by the government, Bank Sakhis are also working to spread awareness related to Kovid-19 among the people.
  • She is completely working herself as per the guidelines of the government, wearing a mask on her mouth and also wearing gloves in her hands so that people can be aware of Kovid-19.
  • Fingerprint scanner biometric devices have been provided to those Sakhis so that they can scan the thumbs of senior citizens and provide them government financial assistance after verifying the amount of pension as well as thumb impressions of women and laborers and farmers. can do

In return for this cooperation of bank friends, the government is also giving them incentive money in the form of a commission. Along with this, from maximum state of the country to Assam Mizoram Sikkim Manipur to Bihar Jharkhand Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Odisha Bank Sakhis have started their work in every state. Simultaneously, these schemes have started functioning in West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. With the help of bank friends, all kinds of financial assistance is being provided by the government quickly without breaking the rules of social distancing, it is being delivered to the homes of every person living in rural areas.

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