Banana Farming Business Plan : Earn well in less investment by doing Banana Farming Business

In today’s time everyone wants to do their own business. Even if you are not doing any work, Wow wants to do a business from the side from which it can make good profit. So in such a situation, if you also want to start your own business. And you want that you start your business by staying in your village. so you banana farming business It must be considered about this is a very profitable business.

In today’s era, this business is being done by farmers on a very large scale. This business is a traditional business. You have to start this business in your own farm because you have to do it like farming. People also know it from the cultivation of banana. You can sell your produce alone from your own farm.

Today, through this article, we will tell you all about the cultivation of bananas, by which you can set up a good business. You can make your own marketing by going from your own farm and supplying it here and there. So to get complete information read this article till the end.

How to do Banana Farming Business?

To do banana farming business, first of all you will need land on a large scale, if all the land is your own, then you are in profit and if you do not have much land then you can lease the land around your land. Take it for 3 years and then start banana farming business by planting banana on it again and again.

The biggest advantage in doing fruit business and doing banana business is that you will get cash and instant money in it. When you apply to someone after it is ready, he will give you money immediately.

At the same time, it also has the advantage that sometimes people buy fruits according to their needs and according to their needs in advance only at the time of flowering, this means that you get money even before the fruit is ready. Is.

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soil for banana cultivation

If you want to do banana farming business, then first of all you need to know that. How is the place where you are planting banana, what is its soil like. The soil where you want to plant banana should be loamy and there should not be any water effect.

The chances of getting disease in banana increases greatly if it is filled or filled with more water. Apart from this, you have to measure the pH value of your land if the pH value of your land is between 6 to 8. Then you can do banana farming there, otherwise you cannot do farming there, it will spoil your plant very soon.

The best season for banana farming is the rainy season. You will not need to irrigate much during the rainy season. The rainy season is considered the most beneficial season for banana farming. During the rainy days, you will get the required temperature for the formation of banana. Banana tree can tolerate a temperature of at least 16 degrees and a maximum of 40 degrees.

Preparation and composting of banana cultivation

To cultivate banana, you have to get it plowed well with tractor about a month before and leave it for a few days and after a few days you have to get it plowed again.

After plowing in this way, the soil of the field becomes fine and brown. And then the field is made level in such a way that water does not stagnate there and a pit is made to plant bananas on that field. The width of this pit should be at least one fit and the distance between the pits should be one and a half meters, this will give space for the tree to grow well.

After that you have to put manure in that pit. You can also put manure of cow dung and then you have to irrigate that pit and then you will have to plant a banana tree in it. When you plant a sapling, then after 1 month you will have to give 60 grams of urea to each tree. You have to continue this process continuously for 3 months. And when it starts flowering again, during that time you will have to give at least 60 grams of urea in it again.

Improved varieties of banana

When you are doing banana farming, then it is very important to keep in mind that what is the quality of the plant you are planting. Good quality bananas include varieties like Robusta, Kutia, Batissa, Katia.

Apart from this, there are many other quality bananas available in the market which you can plant. You can find out more about this from a plant seller or from a nursery.

banana plant planting

To make banana pods, you have to bring a banana plant from any good nursery. Nursery plants are good and yielding. You can plant this plant anytime between 15 May to 5 July. And if you want, you can plant it in the rainy season as well. On planting during the rainy days, the banana plant gets water from time to time.

banana plant irrigation

When you plant a banana plant, then at that time you have to keep irrigating the plant at regular intervals, week after week.

Then when the rainy season comes, then you do not need to irrigate the plant. Because water keeps coming continuously during the rainy days, due to which the plant gets the water it needs.

And then during the cold days you have to keep irrigating the banana plant at an interval of 15 days.

Banana plant diseases and their prevention

To prevent diseases in banana plant, you should find out from the nearest seed store or from any nursery that what medicine should be given in case of disease and then you bring that medicine and give it to your plant.

Banana fruit picking

When the banana is ready, then it is broken in two ways, one is when the banana is raw, people make vegetable of raw banana and many people use it in flour. And the second one is plucked when the bananas start turning yellow. When the banana turns yellow, then you understand that the banana is ripe.

To store and break the banana, you need big plastic boxes and bowls. The weight of a circle of banana varies from 20 kg to 25 kg. In this way, 60 to 70 tonnes of play is produced annually in one hectare of land.

Investment in banana farming business.

Its investment in any business is decided on the level at which you are doing that business. If you are doing business on a large scale then your profit will be more and if you are investing at small level then your profit will be less.

Its investment in the business is decided on the rate of what you are doing and what is needed in it.

If you talk about estimates, then your investment will be around 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh for banana farming. This is just an idea, you may have less and more in it.

Risks in Banana Farming

When you are doing the farming of your banana, then the most important thing you have to pay attention to is that when your fort is ready, then where and how will you sell it and you have to do this work immediately after planting the banana. If you do not do this, then if you do not supply your banana, then your banana may rot due to which you may suffer a huge loss.

And at the same time, the biggest risk in banana is due to germs and low disease in it. Due to the disease, the entire tree gets spoiled and the farmer has to face heavy losses due to this.

Employee in Banana Farming Business

If you are doing farming alone, then you will need at least 2 to 3 workers to sprinkle medicines and fertilizers to irrigate and take care of the banana plant.

In the banana plant, its weeds and soil have to be kept tilled.

Tools in Banana Farming Business

If you are doing banana farming business, then it is very important for you to arrange all the things related to it. It is very important to have a medicine machine for dispensing medicine.

For that it is necessary to have an employee and it is necessary to have a box to keep it broken. And to take the bananas here and there, it is also necessary to have a vehicle carrying its own transport. To irrigate the plant, it is very important to install plastic pipe till the plant.

Banana Farming Business Marketing

Marketing it is very important in any business. By doing this, more and more people will come to buy your banana and if the quality of your banana is good, then you will get the best price.

To do marketing, you have to go to the fruit market and tell people about your game and you will have to put up banners at the square crossroads from place to place. And those who know you will also have to be told and they will have to say that if there is any fruit business in your knowing, then tell it about us.

earn from banana farming business

There is a very good earning in banana farming business, even if you sell at a low rate, then your banana will sell at least ₹ 20 dozen.

You can also send your bananas raw and you can also send them for sure and you can earn money in both the ways.

Required license and registration in banana farming business

If you are doing banana business in small scale then you will not need any license. And no registration will be required.

If you do business on a large scale and supply bananas, then you will have to maintain a GST license. And if any other license is required, then you should get it made and keep it.


Today we have told you all about banana farming business through this article. How you can earn lakhs of lakhs through this business. You may need a large amount of land to do banana farming.

I hope you all liked this article of ours and you would have taken advantage of this article. If you want to get similar news or information in future also, then always keep visiting this website.

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