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Balbir Singh Sr Biography (Jivani) and Akshay Kumar Movie Gold Information In Hindi

Balbir Singh is a famous hockey player of India. He was part of the team that won the gold medal three times in a row. Balbir Singh single-handedly scored many goals, making his record in the Olympics. Balbir Singh is called Balbir Singh Sr, so that he is considered different from other hockey player Balbir Singh. Balbir Singh was also the coach of the men’s Indian hockey team in 1971 and 1975, during which the team also won bronze and gold medals. After independence, in 1948, for the first time, the goal medal was given to India by Balbir Singh.

Biography of Balbir Singh Balbir Singh Sr Biography in Hindi

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1. Full Name Balbir Singh Dosanjh
2. other names Balbir Singh Sr.
3. Birth 10 October 1924 (92)
4. birth place Haripur Khalsa, Punjab
5. father Dalip Singh Dosanjh
6. wife Sushil
7. Children
  • Daughter- Sushbir
  • Son – Khanwalbir, Karanbir, Gurbir
8. local address Burnaby, Canada

Chandigarh, India

Balbir Singh Dosanjh was born on 10 October 1924 in Haripur Khalsa, Punjab. Balbir Singh did his schooling from Dev Samag High School, Moga. After this college studies were done from DM College and Khalsa College, Amritsar. Balbir started playing hockey at an early age. The Indian team was victorious in the Berlin Olympics held in 1936, which Balbir was very inspired to see. Balbir was earlier at the Sikh National College, Lahore, where he was also a player of the hockey team. Here he met coach Harbail Singh, who told Balbir Singh a lot to take admission in Khalsa College in Amritsar. In 1942, Balbir Singh was told yes by his family members and he took admission in Khalsa College. Here he started practicing hockey by staying under coach Harbail Singh.

Balbir Singh was selected to represent the Panjab University during 1942-43. Balbir Singh was also the captain of this team in 1943, 44 and 45. During this the team won the Inter University title. Balbir was a member of the hockey team there when Punjab used to be one before the India-Pakistan partition in 1947. The team won the National Championship under the captaincy of Colonel AIS Dara. Balbir used to play in the center forward position in the team. It was only after this that the issue of India’s independence and the partition of Pakistan came to the fore, after which Balbir Singh started living in Ludhiana with his family. Here he started working in the Punjab Police. Balbir Singh was the captain of the Punjab Police team from 1941-61.

Balbir Singh Career –

Balbir Singh first played for the Olympics in 1948 London Olympics. Here he played the second match against Argentina, which India won 9–1. Balbir had scored 6 goals in this match, in which he also scored a hat-trick. India had a match against Britain in the final match of this Olympics, which India won 4-1. 2 out of 4 goals were hit by Balbir Singh. India was standing face to face for the first time after Britain’s independence, all Indians were watching this match with great eagerness. For the first time in this Olympics, India got the gold medal because of Balbir Singh.

Balbir Singh once again got a chance to play in the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952. This time Balbir Singh was made the vice captain of the team while KD Singh Babu was the captain of the team. Balbir Singh was the flag bearer of India at the inauguration of this ceremony. India’s semi-final match in this Olympics was with Britain. In this, India was victorious 3-1, in which all three goals were scored by Balbir Singh. After this the final match was against Netherlands, in which India won 6-1. Balbir Singh scored 5 goals in this match, which set a record in the Olympics. Also hit a hat-trick. India had scored 13 goals in this Olympics, out of which 9 came in the account of Balbir Singh. Which was 69.23% of the whole team.

Balbir Singh was made the captain of the team in 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Balbir Singh had scored 5 goals against Afghanistan in the very first opening match here. After this Balbir Singh was injured during the match, after which he could not play some matches. During this, Randhir Singh was made the captain of the team at the time of the group match. Balbir Singh did not play some group matches but he did make his presence felt in the semi-finals and final matches. India’s final match was against Pakistan, which India won 1-0.

Other Tournament (Balbir Singh Sr Turnament)–

Balbir Singh represented India at the 1958 Tokyo Asian Games. Where the team got the silver medal. After this, he also won the silver medal for the team in the 1962 Jakarta Asian Games. In 1971, the Indian hockey team went for the World Cup, where the coach of the team was Balbir Singh. The team won the bronze medal in the World Cup. After this, once again in 1975, Balbir Singh was the manager and chief coach of the team during the World Cup. At this time, the Indian hockey team made the name of its coach Balbir Singh and India proud by winning the World Cup trophy.

Personal Life (Balbir Singh Sr Personal Life)–

Balbir Singh’s father’s family was from the Dosanjh family, who hailed from Pawadra in Punjab, while his mother’s family was Dhanoa, who hailed from Haripur Khalsa. Both the villages used to come under the Jalandhar district of Phillaur tehsil. Balbir Singh’s father Dalip Singh Dosanjh was a freedom fighter. freedom fighters of india Read here to know about it. His family used to live in Model Town, Lahore. Balbir Singh was married in 1946 to a girl named Sushil. They have a daughter Sushbir Singh and 3 sons Kanwalbir, Karanbir and Gurbir Singh. The entire family of Balbir Singh now lives in Canada.

Balbir Singh Awards and Achievements–

  • Balbir Singh was the first sportsperson to be awarded the Padma Shri in India in 1957.
  • After the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, a postage stamp in the name of Balbir Singh and Gurdev Singh was issued by the Dominican Republic in 1958.
  • Balbir Singh ji had started the program by lighting the torch in the 1982 Asian Games held in Delhi.
  • In 1982, a poll was conducted by Pioneer Newspaper, in which Balbir Singh was called the best player of the century.
  • In 2006, Balbir Singh was named the best Sikh hockey player. Then Balbir Singh had said that he is a secular nationalist, he does not want to register his name in the list of any particular religion. Indian hockey would be promoted by this, so he accepted this award.
  • Indian hockey honored Balbir Singh with the Major Dhyan Chand Life Time Achievement Award in 2015.

Balbir Singh Books –

Balbir Singh has written 2 books. ‘The Golden Hetrick’ (1977) and ‘The Golden Yardstick: In Quest of Hokey Excellence’ (2008). Both of these are auto biography of Balbir Singh ji.

Akshay Kumar movie ‘Gold’ (Akshay Kumar Movie Gold)-

Akshay Kumar is doing a Gold film on the life of Balbir Singh. Akshay gave this information on Twitter. He told that the film will come on 15 August 2018. The film is being produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidwani, which will be directed by Reema Kagti, who directed Talaash. akshay kumar biography, movies Click here to read about.

Airlift and Rustom based on Khiladi Kumar’s patriotism have been huge hits. Akshay Kumar will work on a biopic for the first time through the film Gold. Akshay Kumar will present the character of Balbir Singh, who got the country’s first gold medal, in front of everyone on the big screen. Balbir Singh made India’s name so proud, but still he did not get respect accordingly. His name did not get as much importance in the game of hockey as it should have. Even after retiring from the field, Balbir Singh did not leave the national game. He worked for many years as the coach or manager of the Indian team. At the age of 92, Balbir Singh now lives in Canada with his family. KM Nanavati Case and Rustom Film read about.

This is not the first time that Akshay Kumar is doing a historical film, before that he has done films like Airlift, Rustom and Special 26, in which the history of India is connected in some way. The public will be eagerly waiting for Akshay Kumar’s Gold film, because in today’s time no one can do films full of patriotism better than him. In today’s time, Akshay Kumar is rich in versatility of Bollywood, who plays all the roles of romantic, comedy, serious.

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