‘Ata 100 rupees liter’, the people of Pakistan were also confused after listening to Imran, people asked – do you bring it in a bottle?

Islamabad: After going to the Prime Minister’s chair in Pakistan, Imran Khan continues to surround the Shahbaz Sharif government. He explains every little thing in full detail to the Pakistani people. But sometimes they get confused in this affair. Recently another specimen of this has been seen. Imran Khan was telling the public about the flour and pulses in the country through an address recently. During this, he said that the flour has reached Rs 100 a liter in Karachi.

Imran may have got confused in liters and kilos but people on Twitter got a chance to make fun of him. People gave different reactions to this video of him. Many jokingly said that Imran goes to buy flour in a bottle. In his address on Thursday, Imran demanded to hold elections at the earliest. He said that this is the only way to deal with the bad political situation in the country.

Be ready for inflation
Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his party leaders and media are being prosecuted. Stability cannot come with a fascist policy. The PTI chairman warned the people of Pakistan and said that you should be prepared for further inflation, as IMF has said in its report. He claimed that at the time of his government, only 5 per cent people thought that Pakistan’s economy would collapse, but now 22 per cent believe.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister was sitting in SCO summit, Shahbaz Sharif started asking for help in front of Putin, see VIDEOit will be difficult to repay the loan
Imran further said in his address that Pakistan needs $ 30 billion this year to repay the debt. Which is difficult for the current government. Because it will get only $ 8 billion to pay back the debt. Taking a jibe at the high inflation rates in the country, Imran said that today about 20 per cent of the textile industry has shut down, while the production of cement has come down by 35 per cent.


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