Astro Tips for Happy Life: Turmeric lump is very miraculous, do this remedy at home, happiness will come in life


Turmeric is considered very auspicious in Hinduism.
Offer turmeric garland to Lord Ganesha. With this every obstacle in your work will be removed.

Astro Tips for Happy Life: Using turmeric rich in medicinal properties in religious rituals is also considered auspicious. Just as turmeric milk is very beneficial for health, in the same way some remedies of turmeric are effective for happiness, prosperity and good fortune. Turmeric can brighten a person’s luck along with the complexion of the face. Pandit Indramani Ghansyal It is said that in the scriptures such remedies have been given for lump of turmeric, by adopting which one can get happiness, prosperity and good luck in life. So let’s know the remedies related to lump of turmeric.

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stuck money will be returned
If your money is stuck somewhere, then the remedy of turmeric can prove to be effective for you. Mix some rice grains with turmeric and color them. After this tie those dyed rice in a red cloth and keep it in your purse. With this remedy money will start getting blessed and soon your stuck money will also be returned.

Jupiter will be strong
If Jupiter is in an inauspicious position in a person’s horoscope, then he should donate turmeric and gram dal on Thursday. Along with this, Lord Vishnu should be worshiped on Thursday. With this, Guru’s grace will always remain in life.

improvement in economic condition
If your financial condition is getting worse, then you have to take a lump of turmeric and tie a red cloth on it. After this, keep it in the safe of your house. Worship him morning and evening. With this remedy, Goddess of wealth Lakshmi remains happy and her grace remains.

To get the blessings of Ganesha
You don’t get proper results even after working hard many times. In such a situation, offer turmeric garland to Lord Ganesha. With this every obstacle in your work will be removed. Along with this, applying turmeric tika while going out of the house is also considered auspicious. This will bring happiness and prosperity in life.

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marriage for marriage
If there is any kind of hindrance in getting married, then a pinch of turmeric should be offered daily to Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. With this remedy all the obstacles coming in marriage will be removed and you will get desired life partner.

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