Arvind Kejriwal: Modi had taken Panchapran from Red Fort, Kejriwal promised 5 guarantees to Gujarat in response!

Ahmedabad: Arvind Kejriwal, who reached Gujarat, made five promises to the people. The Chief Minister of Delhi promised to give corruption free governance to Gujarat. The national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced that if his party came to power in Gujarat, all the scams and paper leak scandal would be investigated. Be it ministers or MLAs, all black businesses will also be investigated and every rupee will be recovered. With this money, schools, health and all other necessary works will be done. During this, Kejriwal claimed that everyone I met in Gujarat said that there is corruption everywhere. Bribery has to be paid to get government work done. There is corruption at the lower level and scams at the top. If anyone speaks against it, he is threatened… Corruption and hooliganism are everywhere in Gujarat. He said that he gives 5 guarantees to the people of Gujarat. Kejriwal made 5 promises in the same way as Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken Panchapran from the Red Fort on 15 August.

Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of the country’s 76th Independence Day, PM Modi had congratulated India lovers and Indians spread across the globe on the Amrit Festival of Independence. He had said that when he sees the dreams of 130 crore countrymen and realizes their resolutions, then for the coming 25 years, the country has to focus its power, its resolve and its potential on Panch Pran. We have to walk with Panch Pran till 2047. When there will be 100 years of independence, the responsibility of fulfilling all the dreams of freedom lovers has to be taken up.

Five promises of Kejriwal
1- We guarantee that if the government of Aam Aadmi Party is formed, we will give corruption free and fear free governance. We will not spare anyone. If our CM, minister or MLA is also guilty, he will not be released. People of other parties will also not be spared on the issue of corruption.
2- There is no work in the government office without money. After the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government, you do not need to go to the broker for any work. Some work has to be done that such arrangements will be made that any employee or officer from the government will come to you. Your files will be settled without bribe.
3- Dark business of all the leaders or ministers are going on in Gujarat. All black businesses will be stopped.
4- Will stop the cycle of paper leaks. Whatever paper leak cases have happened during the last 10 years, we will catch them all and put them in jail.
5- All the scams that have happened during the tenure of this government will be investigated and sent to jail. Will recover money. To whom did this money belong, this money belonged to the people of Gujarat. Every penny that has been looted will be recovered and with that money your school, your hospital, your electricity, water, roads will be built.

Modi’s Panchapran
1- The first Panchapran of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a developed India. He said that nothing should be less than this.
2- The PM had told the second life to get rid of every thought of slavery. He had said that even if there is even a part of slavery, then it should not be allowed to escape under any circumstances. He said that this thinking has created many distortions, so freedom from the thinking of slavery would be water.
3- The Prime Minister had told the third life to be proud of the heritage and said that this is the heritage which has given the golden age to India.
4- The Prime Minister described unity and solidarity as the fourth life.
5- Modi’s fifth vow is the duty of the citizens. He had said that when the dreams are big… when the resolutions are big then the effort is also very big. Power is also mobilized in a very large amount.


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