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What? selfie Addiction One brainy Disease Is From this How avoid, (Symptoms of Selfie Syndrome) (Selfie Side Effects, Selfie Addiction)

Have you seen that today’s 2 year old child also uses the phone in such a way as if he is very expert in using the phone. He knows that selfie is also taken in the phone. Now how does a small child know that selfie is also taken in the phone and how to make a face. Actually this education of his is because of his environment, his parents and the incidents happening around him. Nowadays having a phone has become a common thing for every person and the main feature of the phone should be its camera, such thinking has become of the young generation nowadays. In order to take good selfies, nowadays young people buy phones worth lakhs of rupees because their cameras are very attractive and very good. In such a situation, one danger that is spreading from children to young generations is mental stress and depression which comes from selfie addiction. It is very important to be aware of the dangers associated with it:-

selfie Addiction What? Is,

Today’s youth have a phone in their hands and a smart camera in every phone and if there is no better selfie then what is the use of that camera? Capturing your every moment through the phone’s camera is called taking a selfie, and if a person constantly takes photographs of his every work and takes a selfie, then it is called his selfie addiction. Some people are so fond of taking selfies that they upload photos from the time of sleeping till the time of waking up in the morning. It has also been given the name of a mental illness. This disease is also called selfie syndrome or mental disorder by experts.

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selfie syndrome Of symptoms

border Queue Selfitis , The person who has got into the habit of taking selfies clicks his own photo at least thrice a day. But does not post on social media, it is named as border line selfie stick, which is the first symptom of selfie syndrome.

acute Selfitis , There are some people who, out of their entire routine, click some of the best photographs of themselves and put them on social media platforms three times in a row. This mental illness is named as acute selfitis.

Chronic Selfitis , In this category, those people are included who take different types of photographs, sometimes with the group, sometimes alone and share them on social media at least more than 6 times and force people to give their views. Huh. This symptom of selfie syndrome is commonly seen in today’s youth, this symptom is called chronic selfitis.

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selfie syndrome Of Reason From having Wali mental Disease,

Due to selfie syndrome, a person gets such a mental illness in which he does not understand anyone in front of him. Her main job is to take out her beautiful pictures and look at them for hours and attract people by posting them on social media. Experts have addressed this disease as a great mental illness of humans because the person reaches such a tendency in which he repeatedly exaggerates about his appearance and body as well as his habits. And gradually he suppresses his weaknesses inside himself. Experts have named this disease as Narcissist. In today’s time, the symptoms of narcissist are being seen a lot among the young generation all over the world. Let’s get acquainted with some initial symptoms

narcissist Of Initial symptoms Of about in Some important Information

  • Self to more priority give , If we use overconfident world here, it will not be wrong because some people start liking themselves so much that they neither see nor hear anyone in front of them. Ignoring everyone, they carelessly follow their own mind, the consequences of which they have to bear in the future.
  • Our in only happy stay , Despite being among everyone, they isolate themselves and do only what they want to do. Also, they stop sharing their mood with anyone and stop talking to anyone.
  • Law the laws to Forget go :- People who become victims of narcissist forget so much that due to their wrongdoing they can get caught in the clutches of law. Due to this addiction, they do some strange things outside the purview of the law, which they do not even imagine. Many times, due to such accidents, they also become victims of death.
  • Criticism tolerate No do get :- If any person removes any small mistake in them, then they get very angry, in such a situation, they do not like to hear any word against themselves except their praise. They become violent very quickly on a small matter, even talking to such people on the phone is scary because one does not know when they will get upset on what.

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narcissist to encouragement to give Wali social Media site

The most important work of promoting narcissist is done by Facebook and Instagram in today’s time. Because there seems to be a competition to get more likes and comments about selfies, in such a situation people who are away from all these things also get attracted towards them and become selfie addicts. In such a situation, they also become mental patients by becoming victims of narcissists.

selfie syndrome From avoid Of Measure

To avoid this syndrome, a therapy has been invented all over the world, which has become very popular nowadays, the name of that therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Under this therapy, by knowing the things going on in the mind of the person suffering from this syndrome, by coordinating them, a relationship is sought between them and efforts are made to change their thoughts. Many experts will be present around you to give this therapy. If you see any person who is suffering from this disease, then it is very important to take him immediately to that specialist and give him therapy. Under this therapy, the person suffering from this syndrome is filled with some positive thoughts by removing all the negative things in the heart and mind of the person suffering from this syndrome by the doctor or specialist so that by removing the thoughts related to themselves, they can think about the rest of the country, the world and their friends. Can also think about relatives.

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