Ancient time ‘game’ found in Israel, 2300 year old bone dice used to predict like this

Tel Aviv: Archaeologists have found things related to the game played in ancient times in Israel. Bones were used to play this game. Archaeologists have made this discovery in the Maresha-Bet Guvarin National Park located in Shefella, Israel. It is known as Astragaloi. The game of astraglomancy was famous among the Greeks and Romans. It was a game of prophecy. In this game dice were made from the ankle bones of sheep and goats.

Earlier bronze and wooden dice were also found. Regarding astraglomancy, people believed that the gods talk to them through these passes. People used to go to the priest to ask anything, who used to turn these dice. Five astragloi were thrown at a time to know any prophecy. Or an astragloi was thrown five times.
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2300 years old pieces
Researchers from the University of Haifa, led by Dr. Ian Stern, found a collection of astragloi from the Hellenistic period during excavations in the Maresha-Bet Guvarin National Park. These pieces are about 2300 years old. They bear the names of Greek gods and goddesses such as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, Hermes, the messenger of the gods, Hera, the goddess of marriage, and the winged goddess of victory, Nike. Some have also written dacoit and stop.
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Found a large number of dice
According to Dr. Lee Perry-Galle, a research fellow at the University of Haifa, the astragaloi found in Maresha are more in number. In addition, their quality is also very good. Adding to these it is learned that people in distress sought help from the outside world through speculations and mantras. Women and men sought to defend themselves through magic to escape the uncertain environment of health, childbirth and death.


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