An Indian lottery came out in UAE, got rich by winning millions in lucky draw

DubaiIndian-origin Sajjad Ali Butt has been awarded one lakh dirhams in summer promotion by Al Ansari Exchange. Sajjad Butt has become the winner of the ninth season of this award. He was given this award in the presence of Dubai government officials and media. Along with this, its live streaming was also done on the company’s social media platform. Sajjad Ali Butt works in Dubai and sends about two thousand dirhams to his home every month.

Nepal and Pakistan also
Sajjad Ali had deposited 2,327 dirhams in the Al Ansari exchange branch. This amount is about 51 thousand in Indian rupees. After that he became eligible for this draw. They have been given one lakh dirhams in the draw, and this amount is a little over two crore 17 lakhs in Indian rupees. Apart from Sajjad, Sabri Alozaibi of Yemen has been given half a kilogram of gold to Mercedes-Benz, Junaid Ahmed of Nepal and Keshar Hum Bahadur Karki of Pakistan.

Butt became the ninth millionaire
Ali Al Nazar, COO of Al Ansari Exchange, said he was delighted and proud to have once more successfully organized this annual event. Nazar has congratulated Sajjad Ali Butt on becoming the ninth millionaire. Also congratulated the other winners. Nazar termed these awards as a symbol of dedicated service towards the customers. He said that he would continue to honor them in the same way for serving their customers present in the country.

When an Indian won the house
The Al Ansari exchange also gave away the iPhone 12 to 13 people as part of the company’s weekly lucky draw. In addition, eight selected customers have been awarded dirhams of 95,000. The eight winners include two Indians, two Filipinos, one from Morocco, one from UAE, one from Pakistan and one from Palestine. In the year 2019, an Indian won a house worth 40 lakh dirhams in this lucky draw. Dawson Michael had found a luxurious house in Sharjahan which he called his dream house.


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