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Story of Raazi Movie (Who is Sehmat Khan) | Razzi Movie Story, Sehmat Khan Biography In Hindi

Recently the trailer of Meghna Gulzar’s film Raazi starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal has been launched. In this film, Alia will be seen in the role of a good wife, a good daughter and a patriotic spy.

Razzi Film Review and Other 9Information in hindi:

The trailer of Raazi movie has been released recently and it has collected thousands of likes and reviews as soon as it is released. the reason for this Alia Bhatt acting are also being told. It is being said that Alia has done a great acting in this film.

Sehmat Khan Biography

Movie Name convinced
Director Meghna Gulzar
the creator Vineet Jain, Karan JoharHero Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta
Star cast Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal
Release Date Release Date 11 May 2018

Below we are introducing you to this film, its main character Sehmat and other information related to it.

Harinder Sikka’s Novel :

according to this novel

Sehmat is a Kashmiri Hindustani woman whose father is a wealthy Kashmiri businessman. But for the country, she goes to Pakistan and settles her household and conveys the information there to India.

During the Indo-Pak war of 1971, his father got his daughter married to a Pakistani youth, who is the son of a senior army officer. And this Pakistani youth is also a big officer of the army. Agreeing from there collects complete information about the Pakistani army and transmits it to India. For this, she is also given full training by an Indian officer in the past. And in this way she reaches Pakistan and sends all the information to the country. But Sehgal’s journey from a common girl to the role of a spy is quite painful. But due to his efforts during the 1971 war, the lives of many Indian soldiers could be saved. The most important information given by him was that Pakistan had made a plan to sink the Indian War Corps (INS) Viraat. The Indian government was able to save it because of the information given by them. However, she later falls in love with the Pakistani officer whom Sehmat marries, and has a son with her when she returns to India. Who later serves in the Indian Army.

Who was Sehmat Khan and how did Harinder Sikka get it? Why was the novel written on him?

Harinder Sikka’s novel and the main character of the film Raazi, Sehmat, is the story of a real woman, whom no one really knows. But today we are telling you some things related to his real life, which you would definitely like to know.

This is the story of Indo-Pak Indo conflict of 1971 which later turned into war. Harjit Sikka, a retired officer of the Indian Navy during kargil war Was doing some research on the Indian Army. In this research, he met an army officer who told him the story of Sehmat Khan. However, that officer did not tell him the real name of Sehmat Khan, nor did he tell much information about him. But it was definitely told that a Kashmiri girl goes to Pakistan and marries the army officer there. And while staying in the same house, she provides intelligence to India in front of her husband. By putting her life in danger, she saves the lives of many soldiers of India.

Now knowing so many things about this woman, this curiosity arises in the mind of Harinder Sikka that who is this spy, who spied in Pakistan for so many years and is now leading an anonymous life in India. Harinder Sikka somehow gathered information about him and went to the village of Malerkotla in Punjab and met him. Sikka has described this woman as a quiet and low-spoken woman. After much pleading by Harinder, the woman told her story to him, but he also put a condition that he would not tell this story to anyone else. But after hearing her story, Harinder decided that this is a story that the world needs to know, but at the same time, Harinder had to hide the identity of that woman. That’s when he gave the woman this fictitious name Sehmat Khan, meaning that the real name of that female detective is not Sehmat Khan, no one knows her real name even today. Harinder Sikka brought the story of this woman in front of everyone through his book, but according to the promise made to that woman, he published this novel only after her death. But to hide the identity of that woman, he kept its story a bit fictional. It is said that Sehmat Khan also has a son who is now serving in the Indian Army but his identity is not available.

The reason why a businessman from Kashmir chose his daughter for this work is not clear yet, but it can be guessed that patriotism must be hidden behind it.

Basically this picture is based on a true incident and character, whose story is taken from Harinder Sikka’s novel “Kalling Sehmat”. In fact, there are many such names in the history of India who dedicated their lives to get India their identity, but these names were lost somewhere in the history. Sehmat, the main character of the film Raazi, is also one of these, which Harinder Sikka has given place in his novel and now Meghna will bring it to the audience through her film.

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