Alcohol Drinking in Winter: Does drinking alcohol make you feel hot even in winter? know the truth


Consuming alcohol in winter does not increase the core temperature of the body.
To avoid cold, do not consume caffeine or alcoholic drinks.

How Alcohol Affects Body In Cold Weather: In winter, you must have often heard people saying that drinking alcohol is beneficial to avoid cold. Many such cases have come to the fore around the world, where people consumed alcohol to warm their body in winter, but they died. Till now it has been revealed in many researches that in order to avoid cold in winter season, alcohol should not be consumed at all. Doing so can be fatal. Now the question arises that what happens after drinking alcohol, which can become the cause of death in winter? Let us know about this in detail.

How does alcohol affect the body in winter?

ABC News report According to this, drinking alcohol in winter opens the blood vessels of the surface of the skin and due to this, people start feeling warm for some time. This does not mean at all that your body temperature has changed, rather it is only felt. After a while, your body temperature will drop rapidly and the risk of hypothermia will also increase. People should stay away from substances containing caffeine and alcohol in winter, because these things reduce body heat rapidly. Consuming alcohol can reduce your body temperature rapidly, which in many cases also proves fatal.

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Risk of increasing alcohol level in blood

According to Dr. Noah Rosen of Northwell Health Headache Center in New York, one should never drink alcohol to feel warm in winter. In such a condition, the alcohol level in the blood will increase. Actually people feel hot after drinking alcohol but in reality the core temperature of the body does not increase. Especially for those who are suffering from heart disease, doing so can be fatal. Alcohol can reduce people’s sense of feeling cold, which is not right for the body. Experts always advise people not to make such a mistake.

The right way to warm the body in winter

Get out of the house less when it is very cold.
Cover your body well with warm clothes.
Include hot things in your diet.
– Consume ginger, garlic, honey and jaggery.
Exercise every day for about 30 minutes.
Use room heater if needed.

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