Actor Santhanam shared video holding tiger’s tail, users got angry after seeing bad behavior

Recently a video of Tamil films star Santhanam surfaced on social media. In this, he was seen sitting next to Tiger and playing with his tail. Even though Santhanam liked doing this, his fans did not like his behavior. On social media, people are criticizing Santhanam’s attitude by calling it ‘irresponsible’ and are venting their anger.

Santhanam shared this video playing with Tiger on social media and wrote – Tiger Love. Seeing this video has become viral on social media. In the video, Santhanam is sitting by the side of a pool. Tiger is next. In the video, a woman is also seen telling Santhanam that he can lift the tiger’s tail. Hearing this, Santhanam starts wagging the tiger’s tail.

Santhanam caught hold of the tiger’s tail, a man hit him with a stick.

In the video, Santhanam asks a person if Tiger is sleeping. On this a person tries to check by putting a stick on his head. Users are enraged to see this kind of behavior with Tiger. A user has commented on this video of Santhanam, ‘It is wrong to torture animals and give them the name of love.’ Another user wrote, ‘What kind of irresponsible behavior is this? Are you realizing that you are promoting animal cruelty? Many more users even called Santhanam ‘Stupid’ and ‘Idiot’. Another user said that Santhanam is setting a wrong example for his fans by doing so.

Read here the tweets of the users, in which they are venting their anger on Santhanam:

Who is actor Santhanam?

Santhanam is a well-known actor and producer in Tamil cinema. He started his career as a comedian on TV. In the year 2005, Santhanam got a lot of praise in the film ‘Sachin’. Santhanam had given many hit comedy films around 2010, after which he came to be called ‘Comedy Superstar’. Santhanam has also been associated with controversies. He came into controversy in 2014 when Santhanam made fun of defeating Mukesh, popularly known as ‘Gutka Mukesh’.


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