A True Story of Sant Tukaram | Sant Tukaram Ki Kahani – Deepawali

A True Story of Sant Tukaram Sant Tukaram Ki Kahani

This is a story of the life of Saint Tukaram. When he lived in Maharashtra, Shivaji Maharaj gifted him valuable things which included diamonds, pearls, gold and many clothes. But Sant Tukaram sent back all the valuable things and said – “O Maharaj! All these are useless for me, for me there is no difference between gold and clay, since this God has given me His darshan, I have automatically become the master of the three worlds. I’ll give back all this useless stuff.” When this message reached Maharaj Shivaji, then Maharaj Shivaji’s mind got disturbed to meet such a perfect saint and he left to meet him at the same time.

Moral Of The Story:

A perfect soul does not crave any kind of indulgence. And in today’s time there is a need to keep this in mind. Do not make the mistake of treating everyone wearing a saffron chola as a servant of God. Our religious sentiments are very valuable, with which do not give a chance to anyone to play with.

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